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Scorpio Compatibility

scorpio-compatibilityCompatibility guide

Scorpio with Fire signsAries, Leo, Sagittarius
Scorpio with Air signsGemini, Libra, Aquarius
Scorpio with Earth signsTaurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Scorpio with Water signsCancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Scorpio with Fire signs

The element of Water with Fire
This can be a volatile and passionate pairing, akin to being on an emotional roller-coaster. Fire may accuse Water of pouring cold water on their enthusiasm and Water may find Fire rather insensitive. On the plus side, Fire can show Water that the world is not such a scary place. Water may help Fire to grasp the concept of subtlety and to pay more attention to their feelings.

Element WaterFire
Planet Mars and PlutoMars
Quality FixedCardinal

With Mars ruling both these signs, the combination of Fire and Water can be hot and steamy indeed. Both are highly charged and the physical element in the relationship will never be lacking in passion. At times, Aries might find Scorpio’s intensity and need for closeness, almost too much to bear, while their partner’s selfish nature may annoy Scorpio. Aries is direct and straightforward, whereas there is something of the hidden detective about Scorpio. However, there is a great deal that is tantalizingly sensual and an air of mystery about this combination.


Element WaterFire
Planet Mars and PlutoSun
Quality FixedFixed

A powerful and potent combination as both signs are known for strong will and a need for dominance. The difference is in their approach, Leo is straightforward and open about their need to be the boss, while Scorpio prefers to go about things in a more secretive, subtle manner. There may be a possible clash of wills as both are Fixed signs, which means that neither will give way to the other. However, there is a great deal of respect, attraction and sexual chemistry between the two, that is likely to keep this relationship going strong regardless of disagreements in any other areas.

Element WaterFire
PlanetMars and PlutoJupiter

Fiery Sagittarius and Mars-ruled Scorpio share a passionate attitude to life. In the case of Scorpio, however, the passion is more to do with personal relationships, while for Sagittarius it might be a philosophical cause. Conflict in the relationship could arise from Scorpio wanting to possess and Sagittarius’ love of independence. Sagittarians love socialising with large groups of people, while Scorpio is more comfortable with deeper and more intimate gatherings. However, stimulating relationships are based on differences and there is a great deal that these two signs can learn from each other. Scorpio teaches Sagittarius fixity of purpose and Sagittarius helps Scorpio to be more expansive and explore the wider horizons.

Scorpio with Earth signs

The element of Water with Earth
The two of you may not conquer the world, but this combination is great for creating and maintaining a good, warm and comfortable home. You have both the emotional and practical resources required for family life as well as, if you are not careful, for taking on all the burdens of your friends and neighbours. Do try and remember that life can be fun and risk taking can be exciting. Also, talking through problems can, in effect halve them.

Compatibility SCORPIOwithTAURUS
Element WaterEarth
PlanetMars and PlutoVenus

Both signs enjoy sensual pleasures, although Taurus can sometimes be over-indulgent. On the downside, Scorpio may occasionally get fed up with Taurus’ stubbornness, while Taurus may accuse Scorpio of making a drama out of every crisis and being unnecessarily suspicious and mistrustful. Taureans have strong attachments, not only to personal belongings but to people as well, while Scorpios throw themselves with their whole being into their relationships and expect at least a hundred percent loyalty in return. Luckily, Scorpios can often find that commitment in Taurus, which is among the most reliable signs of the zodiac. Taureans’ matter-of-fact approach to life, as well as their comforting and soothing presence, can help Scorpios relax and lower their guard.

Compatibility SCORPIOwithVIRGO
Element WaterEarth
PlanetMars and PlutoMercury

The emotional responses of these two signs are vastly different. Scorpio has an intense and passionate approach while Virgo’s response is much calmer and controlled. Scorpio is fearless about venturing onto untrodden paths, while Virgo is careful and prudent. However, Virgo, belonging to the element of Earth can match Scorpio’s passion in the bedroom. They also share a practical and analytical nature. On the whole the two energies combine well and, with a bit of understanding on both sides, should work well.

PlanetMars and PlutoSaturn

Neither gives up easily, so when these two determined signs get together, they can achieve almost anything! Both are cautious when it comes to revealing their feelings initially and are discriminating where personal relationships are concerned. However, of the two Capricorn is more able to have an objective and detached view on things than Scorpio, who has an emotional response. However, there is great durability in this combination, which is also likely to be successful in investments and financial matters.

Scorpio with Air signs

The element of Earth with Air
While Earth may consider that Air is too heady and impractical and Air can view Earth as materialistic and unprincipled, this cool, dry combination does have its upside. Neither of you gets angry or ruffled without good reason and there is the potential for much humour and light-hearted banter between you. If you put your heads together, you can come up with lots of practical ideas, both for having fun and for making the world a better place.

Compatibility SCORPIOwithGEMINI
Element WaterAir
PlanetMars and PlutoMercury

These two signs have contrasting energies: Scorpio’s passion is quite different from Gemini’s airy intellectualism. Scorpio is possessive while Gemini wants the freedom of trying new things. This may lead the watery sign to view Gemini as being superficial and perhaps childish, while Gemini might find Scorpio a bit too intense. However, there are positives: Scorpio can teach restless Gemini how to complete what they start and to delve into the bewildering world of emotions. Gemini, on the other hand, can show Scorpio how to lighten up and have a laugh.

Compatibility SCORPIOwithLIBRA
Element WaterAir
PlanetMars and PlutoVenus

There is mutual attraction between romantic Libra and passionate Scorpio. Both signs give personal relationships a high priority in their lives. Some challenges arise out of Libra’s naturally flirty nature, causing Scorpio to become jealous and by Scorpio’s intensity of feeling, which might be too much to handle for the light and airy sign. Libra’s approach to life tends to be moderate and balanced, while Scorpio can periodically become intensely focused when pursuing some interest. Libra learns to complete projects from Scorpio’s incredible staying power, while Scorpio gets inspiration towards a more balanced life from Libra.

Compatibility SCORPIOwithAQUARIUS
Element WaterAir
PlanetMars and PlutoSaturn and Uranus

Both signs are strong-willed and stubborn. The danger with having two fixed signs like Scorpio and Aquarius is that it could lead to a stalemate, as neither will budge an inch. For watery Scorpio it is intimate relationships that matters the most, while for Aquarius it is being independent. Aquarius works on the mental plane and can be idealistic in an abstract sort of way, while Scorpio operates on a deeply emotional level. The cerebral Aquarius is often baffled by Scorpio’s intense emotional responses. However, there is a great deal that each can learn from the other and it is a good combination for realising career and business ambitions.

Scorpio with Water signs

Same element signs
Normally each sign gets along easily with the other signs in the same element. So Scorpio will have a great deal in common with Cancer and Pisces. However, ease is not necessarily a good thing. One of the secrets of a successful relationship is to have enough in common, but enough that is different.

The element of Water with Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Water has no shape of its own and similarly, the Water type looks to others to give structure to their life. Sensitive, responsive and impressionable, the Water person is the most empathetic of all the types. Words are not necessary between the two water types – you plug into each other’s moods easily. However, maybe one of you needs to work at being optimistic and upbeat, otherwise you run the risk of pulling each other down. This is a relationship of great rapport, mutual caring and support, but while being wrapped up in each other, don’t forget that an outside world does exist and it is not so scary as you both tend to think.

Compatibility SCORPIOwithCANCER
Element WaterWater
PlanetMars and PlutoMoon

There is a great deal that is common with these two: both are emotional, loyal and respond intuitively. They are able to communicate non-verbally and have an almost telepathic understanding of the other’s feelings, dreams and desires. However, out of the two, Cancer is the more sensitive, while Scorpio is the more passionate one. While Cancer thrives on romance, Scorpio is often more straightforwardly physical. When hurt, Scorpio is likely to strike back while Cancer tends to withdraw as a means of conveying their unhappiness. If Cancer can understand Scorpio’s intense nature and Scorpio appreciate Cancer’s compassion, this can be a truly lasting relationship.

Compatibility SCORPIOwithSCORPIO
Element WaterWater
PlanetMars and PlutoMars and Pluto

When two Scorpios get together they can generate a great deal of power and passion. Together these two can achieve almost anything that they set their heart on! There are likely to be extremes of emotion, desire and energy. Both will be jealous and suspicious of the other and each will value loyalty high in the relationship stakes. When they join forces together they’ll be determined to see the partnership through thick and thin. Scorpios are a superstitious lot and tend to believe in fate. They’re likely to feel that their romance was written in the stars and that destiny has brought them together.

Compatibility SCORPIOwithPISCES
Element WaterWater
PlanetMars and PlutoJupiter and Neptune

These two watery signs have a magnetic attraction to each other. Gentle and kind Pisces is able to soothe the tense and compulsive Scorpio. Each sign is able to read the others feelings, moods and thoughts without a single word being spoken. Both of them are incredibly intuitive and can psychically read the other’s deepest fears and needs. Outwardly submissive Pisces knows all the subtle tricks to tame the intensely passionate Scorpio. The only challenge in this relationship comes from Scorpio having to be careful not to hurt Pisces with sarcasm or vindictiveness, as then this sign can reveal another aspect of its nature by turning cold or simply swimming away.

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