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A wonderful treat for your partner is a slow and sensuous massage, which not only helps to remove stress but is also a great way to get closer to your loved one…

Sensuous massage

Massage is an ancient form of therapy that is enjoyable to perform and relaxing to receive.  Use pure essential oils for massaging as they are known for their aphrodisiac qualities, working both through aroma and by the effect they have once they penetrate the skin.

Preparation for massage

Find somewhere quiet, warm and comfortable. This could be the bedroom or a rug in the living room or outdoors. In cold weather turning the heating up will make it easier to get started.

The place should be well‐lit but not too bright.  Using several candles and tea‐lights is ideal for creating a soft, romantic setting.

Put on your favourite romantic CD on a loop or a long playlist of your choice of soothing instrumental music. Switch off any distractions such as phones and mobiles.

Spread a large towel or a clean flat sheet kept aside just for massage. Fabric with natural fibre such as cotton is ideal as it feels comfortable next to bare skin and is easier to wash on high temperature settings.


You can buy ready mixed massage oils that are designed according to what you need: relaxing, invigorating or sensuous.

To mix your own distinctive blend you will need a few tablespoons of base oil such as almond, apricot kernel or sunflower. Add to this some drops of essential oils of your choice. The ones known for their aphrodisiac qualities are rose, jasmine, neroli, patchouli, sandalwood and ylang ylang. Experiment with either just one oil at a time or try to combine 2 or 3 different oils to find your perfect blend. If you want to mix and keep for multiple sessions, you could try the following:

Massage oil recipe

50ml of base oil (almond, apricot kernel or sunflower)
10 drops of Ylang Ylang
8  drops of Rose
4  drops of Jasmine
Mix in a glass jar and keep the top sealed tight to prevent the blend from losing its essence.

How to massage


  •  Make sure your partner is relaxed and comfortable.
  • Wash your hands and ensure that they are warm by rubbing them together.
  • Get your mind into a calm, confident and loving state, as what you are feeling will be communicated to your partner through your hands.
  • Stage 1: Getting relaxed

Start by lightly stroking the body using just your finger tips.  Take your time and cover all parts of the body covering the shoulders, arms, back, buttocks, thighs, calves and feet.

  • Stage 2: Sensual massaging

As you feel your partner relaxing, pour some massage oil into your hands and rub together to warm the oil. Using a rhythmic movement of the whole hand, use long gliding strokes while applying light pressure.  When working up the back, put both your hands side by side, with the thumbs passing over the spine.  Then part the hands to move over the shoulders and even more lightly down the sides of the back. Cover every part of the body.  At this point your focus should be on awakening every nerve in the body, rather than focusing on just one or two areas (which will come later!).

  • Stage 3: Kneading

Whether you move on to this form of massage is optional. It is useful for relieving aching or tense muscles – if your partner’s had a particularly rough day, this is a great way to ‘let go’ of stresses.  It is done using the whole hand, using a light  squeezing and rolling movement. The hands can then slide across the surface of the same area. It is best to be gentle, flowing and sensitive in your movements.

Massage tips

  • Remember that your hands should be neither tense nor floppy, but firm and flexible, adapting to the contours of your partner’s body.
  • Keep both your hands in contact with your partner at all times.
  • Use the weight of your body for gliding strokes rather than your arm strength.
  • Work on the back first and then ask your partner to turn around so you can massage the front.
  • Massage the hands and feet; it can be a wonderfully sensuous experience for the both of you.
  • Don’t neglect any area of the body if you want to give your partner a complete, full body, nerve‐tingling experience.

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