Should A Woman Propose To a Man?

It’s an Irish tradition that women could propose to their men on a Leap Year. But should a woman ever propose to a man? Confetti’s Editor, Belinda Hanks and wedding expert, Kate Thompson, go head to head about the female right to pop the question.



Confetti’s Wedding Guru, Kate Thompson, says No!

I am feminist who believes in equality so I am not opposing this idea on the grounds that it is the man’s role but more that I feel a proposal should not come as a surprise from one partner to the other. That said, even if the discussion has been had and both partners are sure they want to spend the rest of their lives together, it is traditional and a rite of passage for the man to do the asking and perhaps we should not take that away from him. Romantics will just adore going down on one knee to ask for your hand in marriage. If you ask him before he asks you, you’ll take that once in a lifetime opportunity away from him forever. Look at it this way – you may have always dreamed of having the wedding of your dreams, the romantic proposal is his dream – let him have his moment to shine!

Confetti Editor, Belinda Hanks, says Yes!

Of course they should. Why not? If they want to marry the man then tell him, ask him, seduce him and get him to slip a big diamond on your finger while you are at it. Many of us are left hanging on for so long waiting for our man to get a move on and ask us before we’re too old to care that it’s no wonder more women don’t decide to take matters into their own hands. You only have to look at how many forum threads are headed ‘Finally engaged’ to know that most of us have been patiently waiting for their man to realise now is the time. Obviously, it’s preferable if a man proposes simply because women by nature like to be made a huge fuss of, and what better than having a man at your knees declaring his undying love for you. That doesn’t mean, however, that a woman can’t turn the tables if she feels like it. That sort of thinking just fits in that nice little neat box that says ‘Must Comply to Gender Laws’. How boring would life be if nobody thought outside of the box?

What’s your view? Have you proposed to your man? Are you waiting for a proposal right now. Tell us what you think and Have Your Say in our poll – Should a woman ever propose to a man?

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