Taurus (20th April – 20th May)

Symbol:The bull
Quality:Fixed (steadfast, finds change difficult)
Sign’s gender:Feminine
Qualities strongest at :Morning (9 –11am)
Lucky day:Friday
Lucky number:6
Lucky colours:Pale blue, bright green, pastels
Lucky gems:Emerald, blue sapphire, lapus lazuli, rose quartz
Metals ruled:Copper, bronze
Plants linked:Columbine, primrose, violet, sorrel
Body area vulnerable:Neck and throat
Chinese sign:Snake (wisdom)
Native American:Beaver (perseverance)
Keyword:‘I have’, the need to possess

Characteristic Taurus traits:

Positive: Steady, persevering, loyal, down-to-earth, reliable, patient, determined, sensual, prosperous, loves beauty, kind and affectionate

Negative: Possessive, stubborn, self-indulgent, resistant to change, resentful and prone to jealousy    


Famous Taurus Men

Jack Nicholson Actor22 April
Yehudi Menuhin Violinist,conductor22 April
William Shakespeare Playwright, poet23 April
Al Pacino Actor25 April
David Beckham Footballer2 May
Michael Palin Comedian5 May
Sigmund Freud Psychoanalyst6 May
Tony Blair British Prime Minister6 May
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky Composer7 May
David Attenborough Presenter, naturalist8 May
Fred Astaire Actor/dancer10 May
Stevie Wonder Singer13 May

Famous Taurus women

Shirley Maclaine Actor, author24 April
Barbra Streisand Actor, singer24 April
Ella Fitzgerald Jazz singer25 April
Renee Zellweger Actor25 April
Penelope Cruz Actor28 April
Michelle Pfeiffer Actor29 April
Audrey Hepburn Actor29 April
Uma Thurman Actor29 April
Katherine Hepburn Actor12 May
Florence Nightingale Crimean War Nurse12 May
Daphne du Maurier Novelist13 May
Cher Singer, actor20 May

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