Taurus Compatibility

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Taurus with Earth signsTaurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Taurus with Fire signsAries, Leo, Sagittarius
Taurus with Air signsGemini, Libra, Aquarius
Taurus with Water signsCancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Taurus with Fire signs

The element of Earth and Fire
Fire can help Earth to learn to take risks and take life less seriously and Earth can restrain Fire’s more outrageous and unrealistic impulses. At best, this combination can be great for business as well as personal relationships, with Fire providing the vision and enthusiasm necessary for any project, and Earth attending to the details and getting things organized. No prizes for guessing who will wash the dishes or change the nappies though!

Planet VenusMars

The combination of Mars and Venus is symbolic of physical attraction but beyond that there are likely to be differences in personality. Aries is fast‐moving, daring and impulsive, whereas Taureans tend to prefer a more steady and pragmatic approach to life. Aries wants everything done right now while Taurus likes to plan ahead. If both can understand the other’s temperament, then there is gain on both sides. Aries can bring a sense of excitement and adventure into Taurus’ life. On the other hand, Taurus can help Aries realise their goals with the lessons of patience, strong will and careful financial planning.


CompatibilityTAURUS withLEO
Element EarthFire

This is a sensuous, extremely tactile combination that can find ecstatic fulfillment in each other’s arms. While they’re in bed they are blissfully happy. It’s when they step out of the boudoir into the real world that differences begin to emerge. Both are Fixed signs, so neither will shift from their point of view. Leo likes to do things on a larger than life scale, while Taurus, who also likes grandeur, wants to plan the way carefully. The positive side of being Fixed is that even though you may disagree you both remain loyal and committed to each other. Taurus could learn from Leo to take a few more risks and Leo learns to curb their extravagant streak, while still getting the best out of life.

Element EarthFire
Planet VenusJupiter
Quality FixedMutable

In many ways this is the classic ‘Odd Couple’ with Sagittarius’ thirst for travelling to faraway places combined with Taurus’ love of staying in the security of the home. Sagittarians love variety while Taurus is perfectly content with the same routine. The trick to making this work is if each allows the other the space to do their own thing. There are some things that keep them together; Sagittarians have a sense of humour, which Taurus can appreciate, while Taurus provides the firm base that allows Sagittarius the ability to explore new horizons and somewhere calm and restorative to return to after all that travelling.

Taurus with Earth signs

Same element signs
Normally each sign gets along easily with the other signs in the same element. So Taurus will find fellow Earth signs Virgo and Capricorn congenial. However, ease is not necessarily a good thing. One of the secrets of a successful relationship is to have enough in common, but enough that is different.

The element of Earth with Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Responsible, realistic and totally practical, Earth types are often good with their hands. Money, material security and comfort are very important to them. They are realistic about relationships and know that they are never perfect, but can also appreciate the fact that being together has many practical and financial advantages. Their down‐to‐earth approach can keep their partner good‐humoured and sane, even during more stressful times. This is a great combination for making things work – in the home, garden or the world at large –since both partners want tangible results.

Quality FixedFixed

With their shared love of luxury, physical comforts and security, this could be an ideal combination for setting up a home together. Both are earthy and practical, so the bills will be paid on time and daily matters taken care of. However, both are also equally obstinate and neither will give an inch, which could lead to stubborn stand‐offs. Being Fixed by nature, they will both be reluctant to try new things. On the positive side, their fixed nature also means that they are likely to stay together in the long term.

Element EarthEarth

Both are Earth signs and therefore have down‐to‐earth practical natures. However, there are differences – Taureans are possessive and more emotional than Virgos, who like to keep their feelings under control. Virgo, being ruled by Mercury are more nervy, high‐strung types than Taurus, who being ruled by Venus, usually remains stable and placid. This is a complementary combination as Taurus provides calm security, while Virgo helps Taurus explore new ideas.

CompatibilityTAURUS withCAPRICORN
Planet VenusSaturn

These two are ideal parent material in the conventional sense as they are equally concerned with security, stability and providing material comforts. By nature both are patient, ambitious and practical minded. Capricorn knows how to make money and Taurus likes to spend it on the finer things in life. Both signs benefit from association as Taurus supports Capricorn’s ambitions and Capricorn is the reliable partner that Taurus is looking for.

Taurus with Air signs

The element of Earth with Air
While Earth may consider that Air is too heady and impractical and Air can view Earth as materialistic and unprincipled, this cool, dry combination does have its upside. Neither of you gets angry or ruffled without good reason and there is the potential for much humour and light‐hearted banter between you. If you put your heads together, you can come up with lots of practical ideas, both for having fun and for making the world a better place.

Sign’s qualityFixedMutable

In many ways the energies of the two signs are completely contrasting; Taurus likes to take things slow and steady, while Gemini wants variety and change. Gemini loves to chat incessantly, rapidly jumping from one topic to the next, whereas Taurus would prefer to digest one topic at a time. The most precious thing to Taurus is home and security, while for Gemini it is exploration, both of the physical world and the world of imagination. However, relationships are often about being attracted to a quality in the other that is lacking in oneself and Gemini and Taurus can make it work if both learn to understand the other. Besides, it is traditionally a good combination for making money together!

Compatibility TAURUSwithLIBRA
Planet VenusVenus
Sign’s qualityFixedCardinal

Both of these signs are ruled by Venus, which is the planet of beauty, love and romance. The planet is also concerned with pleasures, luxuries and the finer things in life, so both Taurus and Libra can set up a wonderfully appointed home together. With so much in common what could go wrong? Well, Taurus is bull‐like in its stubbornness, whereas Libra is much more obliging and will tend to give in to the other’s demands. Over time, if Taurus doesn’t give back something Libra might get disillusioned. Also, there may be clashes over different tastes in styles; Taurus opting for more opulence. Venus in Earth is a lot more sensuous and earthy than Libra, which has Venus in Air, which is a more intellectual and romanticised energy. Your common love of peace and harmony combined with Libra’s skills in diplomacy should help to make you a popular couple.

Planet VenusSaturn and Uranus
Sign’s qualityFixedFixed

Both signs are strong‐willed, stubborn and find change difficult. This bodes well for loyalty in a relationship, as both will stay glued to each other, as long as the relationship has a firm foundation. The only danger with having two strong fixed signs like Taurus and Aquarius is that it could lead to a stalemate, as neither will budge an inch. For Taurus it is security that matters the most, while for Aquarius it is being independent. In terms of approach, Taurus will generally go for the down‐to‐earth and conventional, while Aquarius naturally leans towards things that are modern and unpredictable. However, there is a great deal that each can learn from the other and it is a good aspect for help in realising career and business ambitions.

Taurus with Water signs

The element of Water with Earth
The two of you may not conquer the world, but this combination is great for creating and maintaining a good, warm and comfortable home. You have both the emotional and practical resources required for family life as well as, if you are not careful, for taking on all the burdens of your friends and neighbours. Do try and remember that life can be fun and risk taking can be exciting. Also, talking through problems can, in effect halve them.

Compatibility TAURUSwithCANCER
Element EarthWater
Planet VenusMoon
Quality FixedCardinal

This Moon‐Venus combination has a great deal in common. Both signs value security and safety, and especially the comfort of their homes. They also share a love of permanence and of being possessive about their family. The nurturing aspect of Cancer is reflected in Taurus who is also concerned with making their home a sanctuary of comfort and peace. Both are extremely sensual so there will be plenty of physical contact in this relationship The only possible source of conflict may come from obstinacy on the part of Taurus or from the over‐emotionality of Cancer. However, Taurus’ down‐to‐earth practicality and Cancer’s gentleness will help smooth over any differences.

PlanetVenusMars and Pluto

Both signs enjoy sensual pleasures, although Taurus can sometimes be over‐indulgent. On the downside, Scorpio may occasionally get fed up with Taurus’ stubbornness, while Taurus may accuse Scorpio of making a drama out of every crisis and being unnecessarily suspicious and mistrustful. Taureans have strong attachments, not only to personal belongings but to people as well, while Scorpios throw themselves with their whole being into their relationships and expect at least a hundred percent loyalty in return. Luckily, Scorpios can often find that commitment in Taurus, which is among the most reliable signs of the zodiac. Taureans’ matter‐of‐fact approach to life, as well as their comforting and soothing presence, can help Scorpios relax and lower their guard.

Planet VenusJupiter and Neptune

These two signs find that they share their love of beauty and the finer things in life. The dreamy, gentle Pisces will appreciate the practical, grounded nature of Taurus. Pisces needs to free Taurus’ imagination, while Taurus needs to gently bring Pisces back to planet Earth when they get a bit carried away in their fantasy world. Their common love of romance makes them kindred spirits whose relationship just gets better the longer it lasts. This combination is also well‐aspected for socialising and friendships – with your combined grace, you both will certainly not be lacking any!

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