Taurus Star Sign and Personality Traits


Taurus (April 21 – May 20)

Symbol: The Bull
Ruling planet: Venus
Sign’s quality:Fixed (steadfast, finds change difficult)

Personality traits of Taurus

Positive: patient, reliable, persistent, loving, determined
Negative: possessive, inflexible, self‐indulgent

Taurus relationships

Patient, placid and calm, this is the most enduring, persistent, and steadfast of all signs – their partner can rely on them. Their primary impulse is to have and to be. They want to create or acquire something and then hold onto it. This applies to relationships too, where they can be somewhat possessive. Taureans feel safest with an unchanging life and many decisions they make stem, consciously or unconsciously, from their desire to ‘have a quiet life’.  Being rather stubborn, they cannot be easily pulled, pushed or coerced into anything against their will.


Taurus romance

Rather predictable in romance, Taureans don’t tend to be good at surprises. Their being somewhat tight with a buck can also limit romantic possibilities. However, this is the most steadfast sign of the zodiac as the typical Taurean hates any kind of change.  This means that they have a huge capacity for enduring almost anything and score very highly on the stickability stakes. If you are sitting across the breakfast table, your Taurean partner will tend to assume that all is right with your world and theirs. A stable home and sexual life is very important to the Bull. On the downside, Taureans can be weak on understanding all the subtle emotions and feelings that occur in relationships. He or she may not really see the point of discussion; to a Taurean things are how they are and that’s that!

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