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7 Things You Need to Throw a Last Minute Barbecue

The British isles will never be known for glorious sunshine and balmy weather (unless something seriously goes wrong with this whole Global Warming business). We will always be at the mercy of our unpredictable weather and you can pretty much guarantee that the one day you plan to throw a barbecue, it will piss it down. The way to combat the rain is to not plan; just do!

7 Things You Need to Throw a Last Minute Barbecue |


Be prepared to throw a last minute barbecue at any moment! Here are all the products you’ll need to make it happen, notwithstanding the food, of course!


1. Have the Tools of the Trade

Everything you'll need for a last minute barbecue when the British weather agrees |
Clockwise from top left: Pack of 12 Blue Paper Plates, Glass Mason Jar with Straw, Glass Mason Jar Beverage Dispenser, Set of 5 Vintage Glass Jars with Wire Rack, Barbecue Kit, Plastic Champagne Flute, Let’s Party Acrylic Sign

You’ll need barbecue tools, cutlery, drinks dispensers, condiment jars, seats for your guests and all sorts to assist you in throwing a fab barbecue. Buy what you need and store it in a big plastic tub, ready for pulling out when the weather agrees! Wrap your glasses gently with bubble wrap and lots of linen to cushion them or opt for plastic flutes and paper plates to ensure there are no breakages.

2. Set the Mood with BBQ Ready Decor

Barbecue ready decor from
Clockwise, from left: Gold Glitter Mason Jar, Floral Paper Lantern Set, Fiesta Pom Pom Garland, Bright Fabric Bunting, Hessian Shade LED Lights

From battery powered LEDs to metres of bunting and paper lanterns, the moment the clouds part and the sun shines, get started setting the mood with your decor!

3. Be Mother with an Impressive Smorgasbord

Barbecue Ready Picnic Mat from
On-the-Go Picnic Mat in Black

The hostess with the mostess keeps her guests watered and their tummies lined with delicious nosh. As soon as we consistently start hitting temperatures in the double digits, keep your pantry stocked with barbecue must-haves. Mustards, salad creams, dips and pickles have incredibly long shelf lives. Stock up and be ready to pull out the perishables when the sun peeks through! Go ahead and buy your paper plates, get some paper napkins printed and keep our wooden cutlery on hand, ready to grab at a moment’s notice!

4. Keep the Traffic Flowing

Keep the Barbecue Traffic Flowing with Logical Layout |
Clockwise, from left: Vintage Multi-Purpose Sign Board, Wooden Cutlery, Let’s Party Acrylic Sign, Hand in Hand Salad Servers, Drink Up Be Awesome Napkins

Keep the traffic flowing and ensure all your guests get fed quickly by laying out your barbecue spread in a logical manner. You’ll want stacks of plates, cutlery and napkins all together at the beginning of your buffet. Once the plates have been piled high, your guests can use one hand to fill their mason jars with Pimm’s and find their way to a cosy spot on the lawn or in a comfy camp chair. There’s nothing wrong with mentally planning where your tables will go on those gloomy days; as soon as the rain stops, you’ll be glad you prepared!

5. Be Concious of Allergies

You probably already know which of your friends have dietary restrictions. It’s not a bad idea, though, to keep this in mind during barbecue season. Keep a list of all the dairy and gluten free folks, and alternative items you can purchase. Remember the vegans and the vegetarians, too. If your friend’s allergies or restrictions are too varied and too difficult for you to cater for, there’s nothing wrong with giving them a bit of a head’s up before they arrive. You can either ask their opinion on the best suitable brand to buy or have them bring their own. With forewarning, it’s not a rude request!

6. Keep Them Entertained

Photobooth Kit Barbecue Entertainment |
Vintage Lace Photo booth Party Props

With photobooth props, a bit of Capital FM and fun games, your guests won’t get bored at your barbecue! Keep the activities varied; if you and your mates are the type of people who enjoy a bit of structure. If everyone would rather do their own thing, that’s fine too. Just be prepared to cater to the type of day your guests would like to have.

7. Take a Risk

Barbecue Invitation Sample from
Garden Party Invitation – personalise the text to suit your occasion

If you know we’ve got a sunny streak coming up, there’s nothing wrong with taking a risk and properly planning your barbecue. Purchase some of our personalised invitations and pop them in the post to your mates well in advance. Or simply create a Facebook event or WhatsApp your invites. It doesn’t matter how you tell your mates where the party is; just let them know!


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