Thoughts when getting engaged

11 Thoughts Every Bride Definitely Has When Getting Engaged

You’ve travelled to a romantic city, you’ve gone back to the place that you first met, or you’ve hiked all the way to the top of that mountain – whichever way it happened, you probably had some of these thoughts when getting engaged.

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Many couples admit they were either too nervous, too shocked or too excited during their proposal that they completely forgot what they said. Although you may have forgotten what your partner said, you probably haven’t forgotten how you felt when it was happening or what your first thoughts were.

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11 Real Thoughts Every Bride Has When Getting Engaged

1. “Is this really happening.”

Whether it’s from shock or to stop you from jumping to conclusions, you probably questioned if the proposal was really happening. After all, your partner could have been tying their shoelaces or just expressing their feelings for you. It’s not long before you realise that it was actually happening and then all the other thoughts begin to follow.


2. “OMG, everyone’s watching us.”

If your proposal was a public one, you may have had a moment when you realised everyone was watching you. This probably didn’t last long though as you were too focused on what your partner was saying and forgot all about everyone else.

3. “Pay attention, you don’t want to forget this moment.”

For many of us, we got too wrapped up in our own thoughts that we didn’t pay attention to what our partner was saying at all! We had to remind ourselves to stop and pay attention to the moment so we could remember it.



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4. “Oh, it’s my turn to say yes now.”

Again, some of us were too wrapped up in the entire experience that we forgot we had to give an answer.



5. “I can’t wait to call…”

One of the first things on your mind is who you are going to call first or even how you are going to announce the news. This is understandable with all of the excitement but make sure you take some time to truly enjoy the moment as a happy newly engaged couple.
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6. “Well, it’s about time.”

If you have been with your partner for a while and thought you would never get engaged you may have thought this while getting engaged. But the moment’s finally here so enjoy it and celebrate as much as you can.

7. “I can’t wait to see what the ring looks like.”

If your partner waited until after they were done speaking to show you the ring then you may have been thinking non-stop about what it looks like. But be patient it will come. In the meantime pay attention to what your partner is saying and take in every word they are saying.



8. “I wish I had gotten my nails done before this.”

The proposal was beautiful, the ring is stunning, then you go to put it on your finger and realise your nails have chipped polish all over them. You probably wished you had a fresh new manicure for this moment but who cares… you upload the photo anyway because you’re on cloud nine.

9. “I have no idea how to plan a wedding.”

This is one of the most common thoughts when getting engaged, so don’t worry you’re not alone in this one. Many newly engaged couples soon realise that they have no idea how to plan a wedding, and that’s totally cool. That’s why we are here, and we’ve totally got you covered. Check out our edit of we’re engaged, what happens next?



10. “OMG how much is this going to cost”

Once reality hits you may start thinking about money but don’t let those thoughts disturb this moment for you. All you need to remember is that weddings can beautiful and flawless on any budget so keep those thoughts until after you celebrate the news.

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11. “I can’t wait to start a Pinterest board.”

Some of us were already planning out our Pinterest board in our head before the proposal was over. Some of us may have already started one. It’s an exciting time in your life so Pinterest away!



If you’ve just got engaged, congratulations! This is an exciting time in your life and we’re here to guide and help you through every step of it.

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