decorating tips

Top ten decorating tips

It’s paintbrushes at the ready as we give you a few simple tips to get you started on the road to DIY success.

decorating tips


Fab feng shui?

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese idea that individuals should live in harmony with their environment. Literally translated, it means “wind and water.” According to Feng Shui fans, those who live in balance with the earth’s winds and waters can attract fortune and prosperity. Feng Shui also keeps your home ordered and uncluttered, so why not invest in a how‐to manual and try it on your home?

Think of a theme

Why not think of a specific theme for your rooms and use your artistic imagination to create it. For example, you could have a kitsch kitchen, a minimalist morning room or a traditional, fairytale bedroom. Take inspiration from your favourite TV show sets or magazines.

Stretch those ceilings

Coat low ceilings with a shimmery, satiny, pale paint, and contrast with slightly darker walls to create an illusion of height. Rugs and floor cushions will also draw the eye downwards.

Wherefore art thou, wallpaper?

Doing the wallpapering yourself? Then use lining paper first, which gives you the perfect surface to hang your wallpaper on ‐ this will also give you good practice if you’ve never wallpapered before.

No thank you to trends

Colour trends are just passing fads. Make your home your own ‐ and timeless ‐ by choosing colour themes that you both like and which express your personalities. The same goes for furniture, unless you have the money to buy every season’s desirable items.

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