Throw an elegant New Year's Eve party with

Top Tips for New Year’s Eve

Throw an elegant New Year's Eve party with

New Year’s Eve is the one night of the year where adults are destined to go out and party. There’s something exciting about entering a new year: all the fresh possibilities ahead, the promise of a new start and a bright future. Whether  you’ll be celebrating your first New Year as a newlywed or a newly-engaged couple, we’ve got a few top tips for new Year’s Eve that will ensure you have a good time!


Keep it Classy

Your New Year’s Eve shindig can either be the height of sophistication or a raunchy bash. We know you’d prefer the former to the latter, so make sure you keep things classy! Classy doesn’t mean you have to splash the cash on expensive bottles of plonk; shop brand bottles of bubbly can be just as nice as the stuff from the top of the shelf! Just make sure you’re not scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to every aspect of your soiree: decor, food, drinks and ambience. All four elements are key for a successful party and will help to set the tone of the evening.

Call the Caterers

Don’t kill yourself trying to impress your future in-laws (or you new in-laws!) with yet another massive spread. If you put on the Christmas dinner and knocked yourself out with a massive turkey with all the trimmings, why not call in the professionals? Loads of catering companies are suited to smaller, more intimate functions. Find a caterer near you in our suppliers directory.

Bread from Smokey Brothers

Drinks on Tap

Whether you and your guests are planning to imbibe or you’re sticking to juices and soft drinks, arrange your drinks in a bar style and allow your guests to help yourselves! Our signature drinks station is the perfect way to keep your guests watered with minimal fuss. Do this easy DIY project to set up your station:

Signature Drink Station DIY Tutorial |

Look to the Skies

One of the biggest attractions during New Year’s Eve is the fireworks displays. You can purchase your own (just make sure you do so safely!) or head to a professional display near you. Alternatively, switch on the telly and watch the New Year’s Eve fireworks montages from around the world.

Get Your Groove On

While you’re waiting for the clock to strike midnight, put on a few mashups of your favourite musicians and hit the dance floor! Pump the party anthems and get your groove on. No New Year’s Eve playlist would be complete without these classics:

  • Celebration by Kool & the Gang
  • 1999 by Prince
  • Rio by Duran Duran
  • Funky New Year by The Eagles
  • Auld Lang Syne by Your Favourite Cover Artist

Keep Safe

No matter what you get up to this NewYear’s Eve, remember safety first! Don’t drink and drive! If you’ll be tying the knot on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day, we’d love to hear all about it! Get in touch with us via our Facebook page and let us know!

Happy New Year!

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