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Valentine’s Day: A Celebration of Love

It’s Valentine’s Day! Today’s the day all your preparation pays off and you can enjoy the romantic fun with your beloved, but just because Valentine’s Day is here, doesn’t mean you have to stop the romance. So don’t treat Valentine’s Day as a single event, let it inspire you to make every day a celebration of love.

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A fantastic treat that you can enjoy at any time of the year is a romantic getaway for two. Whether it’s an exciting weekend break in the UK or a week away in the sun, a spontaneous trip will recharge your batteries and let you focus on what’s real important; each other.


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Everyone loves to give and receive gifts, and it’s even better when those gifts are a surprise! Valentine’s Day gifts are still amazing, but treating your love for no reason other than the fact you love them; that will make their whole week.

A weirdly Unique Wedding Gift by Paul Stafford |
Pictured: A Weirdly Unique Wedding Gift by Paul Stafford

A small, simple present makes for a fantastic celebration of love and will make them feel as special as they are to you.

A gold charm bracelet with a sapphire birthstone, from
Pictured: Matte Gold Toggle Charm Bracelet With Gemstone Charm

While these big displays of love are great surprises that you can use at any point of the year, you can still show you care every day. There is no greater celebration of love than making time for your beloved and spending time with them.

A celebration of love from Holly and Alec's real wedding |
Image Courtesy of Holly and Alec’s Real Wedding

You can make them so happy with even the smallest acts of love, cooking their favourite food, letting them take a day to relax, listening to them and just being there for them when they need you. And it’s important to remember just how important kissing is. 

A Celebration of Love Fernanda and Toby's Real Wedding |
Image Courtesy of Fernanda and Toby’s Real Wedding

Happy Valentine’s Day from us all at Confetti, with love.

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