Lola's Valentine's Day cake message
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Valentine’s Day Ideas for a Romantic Night In

It’s Valentine’s Day on Friday and you don’t have to buy a gift or go out, sometimes it’s even better to stay in the warm, just the two of you. Light the candles, put on music, pour a glass of wine and create your own fireworks. Here are some simple ideas for a romantic night in this Valentine’s Day.

Lola's Valentine's Day cake message

Valentine’s Day cake from Lola’s Kitchen. See the Directory for more details.

Light the way home

If you get back from work before your partner, light the pathway to your home with glowing lanterns for an enticing and romantic feel. Light a fire and scented candles inside too.

Candle Lanterns Outside Reception

Ruth and Toby’s Real Wedding.

Music, movies and a meal

If you like cooking then make a favourite meal. It’s best to keep it light on Valentine’s night and serve smaller portions to leave them wanting more. Bake or buy a couple of gorgeous rich chocolate cupcakes and top with cream or serve with fresh strawberries. You could even write a special message in icing. Just add bubbly and dress up if you want to.

Lola's Kitchen Valentine's cakes

Valentine’s Day cupcakes from Lola’s Kitchen. See the Directory for more details.

Plan a night of entertainment, whether it’s listening to music, snuggling up on the sofa to watch a movie or making your own music together…

Take time to really talk to each other over dinner. We are all so busy, it’s good to sit down and spend time just talking, it helps us to reconnect and understand each other better. You could also share poetry or just have a laugh.


Claire and David’s Real Wedding        

Make love

Take off your high heels and make love. Connect on every level, not just physically. Take a bath together or give a massage and spend time making love with real passion and feeling, it will bring you even closer.

Red rose petal confetti

Real rose petals from the Confetti Shop

Finishing touches

Make your evening extra special by lighting candles and adorning the dining table with colourful confetti or fresh flowers. Wear a scent behind your ears, put on your prettiest lingerie and sprinkle rose petals on the bed for later…

Happy Valentine’s Day all, with love.

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