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Valentine’s Day is almost upon us however this year it’s a little different. We no longer have the luxury of lavish dates and adventures, but this doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

A Valentine’s Day date night or any date night for that matter is about the two of you, and it’s all about making the best of the occasion. So, get creative, go the extra mile and think outside the box for ways to make it special, even if you will be staying home for the occasion. Here are our top Valentine’s Day date night ideas.


Romantic Meal For Two

Top of the list for date night is of course a romantic meal for two but make it different this year. It’s all about the styling when it comes to making something extra special and Stacey Hartley from To Be Revealed Styling has some great tips for you:

  • Make your place settings special with a place setting set, including mini dried flowers and napkins. Get that fancy china and glassware out of the cupboards that you save for a special occasion!
  • If available order a dining box for two from your favourite local restaurant. Present it in a way that feels like a fancy restaurant. The key to enjoying food starts with the eyes!
  • Order Valentine’s dried flowers instead of fresh, they’ll last longer and they’re more sustainable too.
  • Make it a themed night to add to the experience; style your table, food and drinks, and create a playlist that matches the theme. 

Personalise It

Personalising your date night will always make it more special; whether you personalise a gift, a playlist, a song, or even your table napkins. The Embroidered Napkin Company has a whole range of Valentine’s date night napkins to add the wow factor to your romantic meal, much better than any restaurant!

Write A Love Letter

Sometimes we don’t always tell our partner exactly how we feel about them and writing a love letter is a great way to do this. You could simply just tell them what they mean to you, tell them all the things you think is amazing about them, or get creative and write them a poem!

Wine Tasting

If you and your partner are partial to a glass of wine, why not do your own wine tasting date night! English vineyard wedding venue Oastbrook Estate offers beautiful English wines in their online shop, truly bringing the vineyard to you for your special date night.

They even offer gift vouchers for their vineyard tours, which you could surprise your loved one with to visit and see where they are made at a later date while you check out their wedding venue! Just make sure you get the right cheese to accompany them.

Oastbrook Estate

Pamper Night

Pamper nights are a great way of relaxing so why not bring the spa to you. Turn your bathroom and lounge into the perfect spa environment. A calm and relaxing space will create a romantic atmosphere, draw a bath with candles and rose petals and then relax into an intimate massage to finish.

Film Night and Treats

Another date night classic which you can make more special! A movie night is sometimes all we need. Don’t spend hours contemplating over what film you’re going to watch; instead put your choices into a hat and pull out an option… or two! Voila, choice made, just make sure the treats are extra special. There are some great date night boxes out there right now, we love this one by Little Button Bakery. And if all else fails just Netflix and chill.

Little Button Bakery

Games Night

If you’re the kind of couple that doesn’t do romance or does your own kind of romance, then a games night may be the perfect option for you. Whether you’re into board games or console games, pick your favourite game each and get competitive. You could even have a prize for the winner. Stock up on your favourite gaming food, set up your game table and let the date night games begin.

Want more romance? Don’t miss our edit of the best date night ideas for newlyweds!

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