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Valentine’s Day Proposals With a Difference

Thinking of a Valentine’s Day proposal? Here are some great ways to pop the question that are far from traditional!


High-flying love

If you’re taking a holiday to celebrate Valentine’s Day, see if you can arrange to have the flight attendants announce your proposal over the intercom. If you think your partner is expecting a proposal, do it on the way home to really keep them in suspense!

The silver screen

Many cinemas have paid advertisement screens before the film begins. Call your local cinema and see what it takes to propose to your honey on the big screen!

Friends in high places

This one will take some serious organisation, but it’s a story that’ll last for years! If you know anyone who works for the local police, ask them to pull your beloved over and issue them a ticket with your proposal written on it.

The new era

Emailing a proposal is an increasingly popular way to pop the question. A much better idea is to build an entire website dedicated to your love and propose online where everyone can witness your undying affection.

A bird’s eye view

Give your beloved a flying lesson for Valentine’s Day and arrange to have the instructor fly over an open space where you have creatively penned a proposal that can be seen from high above. You could do the same from a ski lift.

Pop a puzzler

Have a marriage proposal custom jigsaw puzzle made for your true love. What a great keepsake!

Under the sea

If you’re both keen divers, how about popping the question under water? Write the proposal on an underwater slate. You’ll just have to wait until you come up to the surface to hear the answer!
Star gazing

Write it out in glow stars on your ceiling. Just wait until the lights go out!

Some other tried-and-tested ideas

• Have your proposal printed on a billboard they’ll see during the commute home.
• Arrange to have a banner tied behind a plane and flown above your love.
• Tuck a printed proposal message into a fortune cookie.
• Take out an ad in the newspaper.

You’ll find more fun and romance in our Valentine’s Day section!

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