Virgo Compatibility

virgo-compatabilityCompatibility guide

Virgo with Fire signsAries, Leo, Sagittarius
Virgo with Air signsGemini, Libra, Aquarius
Virgo with Earth signsTaurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Virgo with Water signsCancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Virgo with Fire signs

The element of Earth and Fire
Fire can help Earth to learn to take risks and take life less seriously and Earth can restrain Fire’s more outrageous and unrealistic impulses. At best, this combination can be great for business as well as personal relationships, with Fire providing the vision and enthusiasm necessary for any project, and Earth attending to the details and getting things organized. No prizes for guessing who will wash the dishes or change the nappies though.

Compatibility VIRGOwithARIES
Element EarthFire

This is a challenging combination as the two natures are strongly contrasting. Meticulous Virgo, who likes attention to detail, may find Aries to be careless and somewhat selfish. On the plus side both have a desire for honesty and straightforwardness. For this to work, Aries has to appreciate Virgo’s practical nature and Virgo has to refrain from criticism and nit-picking. Once in a while, it wouldn’t hurt for Virgo to stop worrying and follow Aries’ example of being spontaneous and throwing caution to the wind.


Compatibility VIRGOwithLEO
Element EarthFire

This is a contrasting combination as the two natures strongly oppose each other. Leo is outgoing, domineering and expansive, while meticulous Virgo is modest and retiring. Leo doesn’t always like to follow rules, while Virgo likes to go by the book. The intense focus on detail might irritate Leo, who doesn’t respond well to criticism. This relationship can work well if Virgo can understand Leo’s need for approval and If Leo can learn to interpret Virgo’s criticism as being well-intentioned and constructive. Virgo can assist Leo in turning their grandiose schemes into reality and Leo can help Virgo in seeing the larger picture.

Compatibility VIRGOwithSAGITTARIUS
Element EarthFire

While Virgo is controlled and methodical, Sagittarius prefers a more reckless and free-thinking approach to life. Both are mutable signs and therefore are constantly looking at ways of widening their knowledge and improving themselves. There should be excellent communication between these two as the curiosity of Mercury receives the expansion of Jupiter. The challenge in this relationship may come from both choosing change for change’s sake and from differing attitudes to mundane tasks: Virgo wants order and Sagittarius can’t be bothered with details. However, with a positive attitude these two can go beyond being lovers and also become great friends.

Virgo with Earth signs

Same element signs
Normally each sign gets along easily with the other signs in the same element. So Virgo will find fellow Earth signs Taurus and Capricorn congenial. However, ease is not necessarily a good thing. One of the secrets of a successful relationship is to have enough in common, but enough that is different.

The element of Earth with Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Responsible, realistic and totally practical, Earth types are often good with their hands. Money, material security and comfort are very important to them. They are realistic about relationships and know that they are never perfect, but can also appreciate the fact that being together has many practical and financial advantages. Their down-to-earth approach can keep their partner good-humoured and sane, even during more stressful times. This is a great combination for making things work – in the home, garden or the world at large –since both partners want tangible results.

Compatibility VIRGOwithTAURUS
Element EarthEarth

Both are Earth signs and therefore have down-to-earth practical natures. However, there are differences – Taureans are possessive and more emotional than Virgos, who like to keep their feelings under control. Virgo, being ruled by Mercury are more nervy, high-strung types than Taurus, who being ruled by Venus, usually remains stable and placid. This is a complementary combination as Taurus provides calm security, while Virgo helps Taurus explore new ideas.

Compatibility VIRGOwithVIRGO
Element EarthEarth

Two Virgos together will tend to lead organised lives as they both relish planning each detail with a great deal of care. Neither partner is likely to make unreasonable emotional demands on the other. Both enjoy intellectual pursuits and may end up spending an evening curled up with a book rather than going out on the town. The main challenge comes from their habit of nit-picking, but since both enjoy clearing up there shouldn’t be that much to argue about. There is attraction between the two as they are Earth signs and with Mercury as ruler there should be rapport on the mental plane as well.

Compatibility VIRGOwithCAPRICORN
Element EarthEarth

This could be a highly rewarding and profitable partnership as the two energies complement each other. Both signs are conscientious, meticulous and take responsibilities seriously. When it comes to practical matters neither one is likely to run away from taking charge and dealing with things efficiently. Capricorn is ambitious and Virgo is the perfect helpmate in aiding them to make their dreams come true. There may be a little too much emphasis on the mundane things in life and both signs need to occasionally let their hair down and just have fun!

Virgo with Air signs

The element of Earth with Air
While Earth may consider that Air is too heady and impractical and Air can view Earth as materialistic and unprincipled, this cool, dry combination does have its upside. Neither of you gets angry or ruffled without good reason and there is the potential for much humour and light-hearted banter between you. If you put your heads together, you can come up with lots of practical ideas, both for having fun and for making the world a better place.

Compatibility VIRGOwithGEMINI
Element EarthAir

Both these signs share a love of intellectual pursuits and can adapt to change easily. Neither is overly emotional so there are unlikely to be major flare-ups, as they are more likely to talk it over – the favourite pastime of Mercury! Virgo’s practical and discriminatory approach is beneficial to Gemini by helping them bring to reality their fantastic flights of fantasy. Virgo is also inspired by the wit and intellectual stimulation that Gemini provides.

Compatibility VIRGOwithLIBRA
Element FireAir

Though these two signs have things in common there are some major differences as well. While Libra will go to considerable lengths to avoid criticism, Virgo does not hesitate to express their dissatisfaction if things are not perfect. Librans avoid judging others, while Virgo is intolerant of what it sees as illogical thinking. Libra is a true romantic at heart and Virgo, though earthy in the physical expression of love, can seem somewhat detached emotionally at other times. One of the most positive aspect of this relationship is that both are perfectionists and love order in their surroundings.

PlanetMercurySaturn and Uranus
Sign’s qualityMutableFixed

There is an emphasis on mental rapport and intellectual affinity in this combination. Both are emotionally detached in romantic relationships, but where Virgo is self-controlled and careful, Aquarius can be unpredictable and temperamental at times. Virgo likes to follow the well-trodden conventional path, whereas Aquarius is willing to explore the new and untried. However, on the plus side these two signs can complement each other with Virgo showing Aquarius how to specialise and also to focus on details, while Aquarius can encourage Virgo to take a broader and more global view.

Virgo with Water signs

The element of Water with Earth
The two of you may not conquer the world, but this combination is great for creating and maintaining a good, warm and comfortable home. You have both the emotional and practical resources required for family life as well as, if you are not careful, for taking on all the burdens of your friends and neighbours. Do try and remember that life can be fun and risk taking can be exciting. Also, talking through problems can, in effect halve them.

Compatibility VIRGOwithCANCER
Element EarthWater

These two are capable of a strong devotion to each other but will have to work at overcoming their natural tendencies. Cancer can be moody at times and not great at communicating, while Virgo can be irritable due to imperfections around them and can be bitingly vocal about it. Beneath the tough exterior shell, Cancer is rather sensitive and easily hurt. On the other hand, Cancer is demonstrative emotionally while Virgo finds it hard to express their feelings. If Virgo can learn to be a little less critical and Cancer is willing to understand that Virgo does care even if he/ she doesn’t show it, this relationship can be a lasting one.

Compatibility VIRGOwithSCORPIO
Element EarthWater
PlanetMercuryMars and Pluto

The emotional responses of these two signs are vastly different. Scorpio has an intense and passionate approach while Virgo’s response is much calmer and controlled. Scorpio is fearless about venturing onto untrodden paths, while Virgo is careful and prudent. However, Virgo, belonging to the element of Earth can match Scorpio’s passion in the bedroom. They also share a practical and analytical nature. On the whole the two energies combine well and, with a bit of understanding on both sides, should work well.

Compatibility VIRGOwithPISCES
Element EarthWater
PlanetMercuryJupiter and Neptune

Both signs are concerned with service in some form or other; Virgo in a practical and useful way, and Pisces through compassion and emotional understanding. Both veer towards being unassuming and radiate modesty and humbleness. However, Virgo is critical and strives for perfection, whereas Pisces prefers to go with the flow and generally accepts things as they are. Virgos can be good at helping Pisces get down from cloud nine and become more grounded. On the other hand, Pisces can teach Virgo how to relax, start thinking big and stop being so controlling. Virgo should try not to dampen the Piscean love of romance by being over-practical and fussy. And Pisces should try not to leave chaos behind wherever they go, as Virgo may be sensitive to disorder.

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