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5 Ways to Beat the Post-Wedding Blues

When all the glitter and excitement of your big day is done and you’ve come home from your honeymoon, it’s back to reality and routine but without the wedding planning to keep you busy. Here’s how to beat the post-wedding blues and start really living the rest of your lives together.

Post wedding blues image courtesy of Pixabay |

Don’t be down. You just married the love of your life. Now comes the happy ever after and the trick is to start planning ahead before the wedding so you have other things to look forward to, and it’s not just all about your big day. The wedding, after all, is about your marriage and your lives together – so start living.

 1. Plan a mini-break

It doesn’t have to be your next big holiday and you don’t even have to go abroad, just planning a short city break to somewhere pretty can be the perfect way to beat the post-wedding blues. Visit the beautiful Cotswolds and stay at Foxhill Manor Hotel with long views over Broadway and the Vale of Evesham, roaring open fireplaces, stone mullions, relaxing spa and other stylish original features from 1909.

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Image courtesy of Foxhill Manor Hotel

2. Get fit together

This is a scientifically proven way to beat any blues! When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins which trigger a positive feeling in the body so exercising makes you feel happier. If you exercise together you will share all the benefits of getting fit and toned together and, while many people like to join the gym, it doesn’t have to cost a penny. Get some good running shoes and simply go jogging, try a yoga DVD or have fun moving to Dance on Broadway on the Wii. And remember, making love burns calories too!

3. Throw a party

It’s simple but it’s fun. A post-honeymoon cocktail party, casual barbequeue or dinner party is the perfect post-wedding plan to keep the celebration going. Hire a mobile cocktail bar or ask everyone to bring something – either a bottle or some food so you all share. If it’s summertime have a bringalong picnic in beautiful surroundings with your favourite people.

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From left: Love plates by Confetti, Food by Jamie’s Catering, Cocktails by Mambo Mobile Cocktail Bars, Stirrers by Confetti

4. Take up a new hobby

Find something you can do together, whether it’s learning to dance at a local salsa class, exploring art endeavours, or having your own home bake off competition. Cooking an evening meal is something that needs to be done every day so why not make it more fun by starting your own cookery challenge, following tried and tested recipes, cooking a new meal for each other from scratch and rating your efforts. If you have children they can be your judging panel.

5. Visit a spa

Book a day or weekend at one of the UK’s gorgeous venues with a spa. Visit a local spa or travel to somewhere special for the ultimate in relaxation where you can swim and enjoy steam rooms going for a relaxing massage and then out for dinner in style.

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Photo courtesy of Sainte Anne Resort, Beachcomber

And if money is tight, just remember money can’t buy you love, there are plenty of ways to find your happy place. Just being together may be enough – but throw a party anyway!

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