11 Utterly Romantic Ways to Propose at Home

If a certain pesky virus has ruined your summer proposal plans then do not despair, there are so many romantic ways you can propose at home. Or perhaps lockdown with your loved one has felt like the ultimate test and you have just decided that you want to ask that all important question, then it sounds like a home proposal would be the perfect setting for you.

There is something so intimate and romantic about proposing in the place you call home and there are so many ways you can make it thoughtful and unique. Start exploring our collection of utterly romantic proposal ideas.


Make Your Own Home Cinema

Make a night in front of the television extra special by creating your own home cinema, fit for a proposal. If you want to make it totally romantic then you draw your own cinema tickets, light candles, serve popcorn and drink champagne. As the movie ends, you could get down on one knee and pop that all important question. Make the moment extra special with one of these personalised movie blankets from Solesmith. Oh and think carefully about your film of choice, no one wants to be proposed to after watching The Terminator.

Plan a Dreamy Breakfast Proposal

Start your day with a romantic breakfast in bed that ends with a proposal. Think heart-shaped toast, the fresh smell of coffee and maybe even a romantic ‘will you marry me?’ mug. We think it would be the perfect low-key way to pop the question and would be the most wonderful start to your day.

Go to a Restaurant…At Home

We love the idea of setting up a date scenario at home, it gives a lovely sense of occasion to break up the every day and gives you an excuse to get dressed up (or maybe just wash your hair?). You can role play the maitre-d and seat your partner, then leave the room and arrive as ‘you’, propose right at the start of the meal if you are just too nervous or wait until dessert to pop the question if you’re feeling bold.

Send Your Partner on a DIY Treasure Hunt

Why not trick your loved one into thinking you are simply filling the time with a fun treasure hunt? You could create clues that have a romantic twist and as they race around the house or garden, you could be waiting in a secret place ready to ask ‘will you marry me?’. If you’re not feeling very crafty then this ready made version from Martha Brook is adorable.

Host Your Very Own at Home Picnic

Whether it is your garden or your living room, set out a blanket and pack your picnic basket with all of your partner’s favourite treats. Make it a real event by inviting them ‘on a date’, both get all dressed up, meet somewhere in the house and then walk to the picnic setup. Bonus points if you can recreate a set-up as dreamy as this one.

Fill Your Home with Balloons, Candles and Rose Petals

It’s an oldie but a goodie, if possible you could set this up when your other half is distracted doing some exercise…or simply ban them from a specific room while you set things up. These balloons from Bubblegum Balloons would help create a bold statement and you could add tealights, flowers or rose petals (or whatever you can get your hands on right now!). Then you can open the door and invite your partner to come in and you can watch their face light up as they realise what is happening.

Involve Your Loved Ones with an Online Proposal

Just because you are in isolation doesn’t mean you can’t get the family involved, we love the idea of including your loved ones from afar and these flashcards from Daisyley Designs would help them to all be involved in popping the question.

Put Together an Extra Special Jigsaw

If you are a couple who love a puzzle then one of these ‘will you marry me’ puzzles from Sarah Hurley will be the most romantic pastime, gift to your partner and then wait for their face to light up when they realise what is going on.

Play a Romantic Slideshow of Memories

We certainly all have a lot of time on our hands right now so why not put it to good use and create a slideshow of all your favourite memories together teamed with a romantic song, then right at the end you can add a ‘will you marry me?’ message.

Get the Kids Involved with Your Proposals

Whether you have a baby or slightly older children, including them in the proposal is a lovely idea and shows how you are all becoming a unit. These adorable baby-grows are a super-cute way to pop the question.

Propose with Your Pets

Or maybe it’s your fur baby that you want to include in your proposal? We love the idea of including your pet in your proposal, just remember to take plenty of photos to remember the moment.

Don’t worry if you haven’t got the ring yet, there are plenty of rings you can order online, alternatively you can make a pact that one of your first post-lockdown shopping trips will be to your favourite jewellers. Don’t miss our ultimate guide to buying a diamond for some extra advice.

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