couple watching wedding films on Netflix

11 Must-Watch Wedding Films on Netflix UK

You just can’t beat a good wedding film – whether you’re planning an old-fashioned sleepover hen party or you just want to get a bit wedding excited with your partner. We’ve rounded up the best wedding films on Netflix for you to get stuck into.

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couple watching wedding films on Netflix

11 Must-Watch Wedding Films on Netflix

1. The Big Wedding

Make sure to check out this hilariously heart-warming romantic comedy following the wedding of an adopted son from a dysfunctional family, with twists and turns at every corner.


With a Catholic family, divorced parents and struggling siblings, the wedding goes less smoothly than the couple (played by Amanda Seyfried and Ben Barnes) had planned. This is perfect for settling down with your partner for a relaxed night in – your wedding definitely won’t be as chaotic as this!

2. My Best Friend’s Wedding

This romantic comedy about a devious best friend trying to break up the happy couple before the big day makes for hilarious viewing with the girls.


A classic Julia Roberts film that you can laugh at with your besties makes for a great girls night. Stock up on popcorn and prosecco as this is one of the greatest wedding films on Netflix.

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3. Margot at the Wedding

An intense family drama about sisters (Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Jason Leigh) with years of tension and conflict that’s taken out over the weekend before a wedding. This film examining family dynamics is amazing for a night in with your partner and a bottle of wine, if you’re not into rom-coms.

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4. Bride Wars

One of the best must-watch wedding films on Netflix, this modern classic is about two childhood best friends who share the same wedding dream and after a mistake by the wedding planner, the same date. They start sabotaging each other’s wedding in an attempt to get revenge – how will it all work out?


With Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson, this is the perfect film to watch with your best friend for a bit of light escapism from all that wedmin.

5. Wedding Daze

This crazy rom-com about a proposal from a bereaved stranger and a series of arrests and misfortune leading up to the wedding day is great for a night in with a glass of wine and a bag of popcorn with your partner. Cuddle up and watch Jason Biggs and Isla Fisher make their way down the aisle.

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6. Bridesmaids

Make sure to watch this absolutely hilarious comedy about a jealous maid of honour and her war with the bridesmaid trying to steal her best friend.

Chill out with your girls and laugh the night away with Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph – this film NEVER gets old and it’s the perfect watch with your bridesmaids for the night before the wedding. You actually can’t get married without watching this, one of the funniest wedding films on Netflix of all time.


7. The Wedding Party

This hilarious romantic comedy about an upper class Nigerian wedding provides a change from the typical tale and follows a couple’s issues throughout their wedding weekend.


It’s the second highest-grossing Nigerian film, topped only by its sequel! Watch this with your partner for a romantic chilled out night in.

8. Bachelorette

A hilarious classic about three bridesmaids who spend the night before the wedding partying and trying to fix the wedding dress that they ruined.

With Rebel Wilson, Kirsten Dunst and Isla Fisher, this is the perfect film to watch with your besties on a night in to warn them against the dangers of being a bad bridesmaid


9. Ali’s Wedding

Make sure to watch this fascinatingly cultural romantic comedy about a Muslim son’s unwillingness for his arranged marriage and his lies to his parents about his acceptance to medical school.

This film’s great for a low key night in with your partner if you’re looking for something wedding focused, but different to the typical wedding rom-com.

Couple watching wedding films on netflix

10. Bride and Prejudice

An Indian interpretation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice by the director of ‘Bend it Like Beckham’ is perfect for a girls’ night in. Western culture meets Bollywood to create an entertaining drama with proposals and heartbreak.


11. Honeymoon in Vegas

Who doesn’t love a Nicolas Cage film? This film shows Nic trying to arrange a quickie wedding in Vegas to his girlfriend, played by Sarah Jessica Parker. Obviously, things don’t go smoothly. This is a quirky caper to watch with your partner – and look out for a cameo by a young Bruno Mars!


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Words by Dominic Bramley-Carr

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