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What Makes Him Put a Ring on It?

www.confetti.co.uk/media/assetsThere comes a point in committed relationships where the question of ‘Where are we going?’ gets asked. Many women dream of the perfect proposal and while we don’t profess to know when your Mr Right is planning on popping the question, we can give you a few telltale signs to look for! Statistics from a recent survey conducted by luxury jewellers Vashi, revealed some interesting insights into the trends of committed men that we’re dying to share with you. Have a read through; maybe you’ll be able to tell when he’s likely to be ready to put a ring on it!

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When is he likely to propose?

The 2014 survey revealed that 55% of men can actually take the hint and propose after their girlfriend not-so-subtly reveals her desire to get hitched! Alternatively, 1/3 of men reported to pluck up the courage to propose after being put under pressure by their parents or their girlfriend’s parents.

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Where might the proposal take place?

If Mr Right is suddenly quite keen to get you on a romantic countryside stroll or to visit a beauty spot, he might be like 27% of grooms-to-be who opt for these locales to ask for their girlfriend’s hand in marriage. Or if your love starts harping about a short city break abroad (perhaps to Paris?) then he may be like 20% of men who think proposing on foreign soil is the most romantic way to pop the question.

Don’t fret if you’ve not got a short break or a countryside jaunt on the cards, 15% of men propose cuddled up on the sofa at home while 7% of blokes think the bed makes the perfect place to propose. If you think your proposal might occur in the UK, 6 out of every 100 proposals occur at a famous landmark such as the London Eye, and 4% of proposals happen while the couple are on a UK city break.

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How is the proposal likely to be?

While many of us are breaking with traditions regarding our relationships, there seems to be a return to traditional methods of proposing with 7 out of 10 grooms-to-be saying they got down on bended knee  to ask their girlfriends to marry them. And 2/3 of men report to ask their girlfriend’s father’s permission before asking for her hand in marriage.

When it comes to proposals and planning, 43% of men opt to pop the question spontaneously and 12% seem to have lost the nerve on their first intended proposal date. No matter when the proposal occurs or where it happens, 93% of women say yes to their first proposal.

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All statistics provided by Vashi.

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