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How much are Brits spending on hen dos?

Planning your hen do according to your budget

It’s a surprise to absolutely no one that weddings are expensive, but now hen dos are earning a hefty price tag, too. 


Chip, a clever app that automatically saves up money for you, analysed savers with a “Hen Do” goal in the app, and found the average amount being put aside was £450.86. A sum that could cover a little more than a pink, satin Bride-to-be sash!

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From garden parties and personalised shortbreads, to penis straws and Magic Mike routines; hen parties have taken on many different forms over the years. 

So, before you put all your eggs in one basket (pun intended), establishing and agreeing on a budget will aid the decision making process. 

Savvy – £50pp and under 

The instagrammable picnic 

The humble red and white checkered rug has been replaced by palette tables, bohemian rugs and aesthetic table settings. Picnic or garden party settings create a more informal atmosphere for those who’d prefer a more intimate affair. 

Design your own grazing board with artisanal cheeses, extotic dips and fresh fruit, or recruit a professional event/picnic stylist to really nail it. To keep costs down, request everyone bring a dish along!

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A bachelorette bottomless brunch

A drinking activity that has ingrained itself into English culture, bottomless brunches are notorious for getting the group extremely, ah, merry. Bottomless brunches are offered at hundreds of bars and restaurants across the UK, ranging from £29 to £49pp. 

For two hours, the venue will offer unlimited orders of select drinks, usually mimosas, select cocktails and/or prosecco, plus a brunch dish of choice. Bottoms up! 


Hitting a karaoke bar is a hen-do crowd favourite, often a second destination when aforementioned prosecco consumption has reached its peak. Rooms are inexpensive, so the only cost will be to your wellbeing after witnessing a very poorly performed Whitney Huston ballad. 

Cocktail Making Class

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The only type of learning that’s welcomed on a night out. Have a professional mixologist come to your home to demonstrate how to make your own signature cocktail.

Wine and art class 

Give guests something other than a hangover to take home with them. Whether you’re a picasso prodigee, or artistically impaired, bond over a canvas and bottle of red. They say the more you drink, the better you become. 

Spender –  £50 – £100pp


A festival-themed soiree where the headliner isn’t a UK top 40 artist, but the bride-to-be. Think: glitter, braids, silent discos, tipis, tattoo bars and yoga sessions. If you want to go that extra level, why not hire a photo booth or food trucks, too! 

A high tea up high

We’ve all indulged in a tier of bite-sized cakes sat in an exquisitely wallpapered dining room, but have you enjoyed it from the upper deck of a bus? Enjoy a quintessentially British experience with your nearest and dearest a top a fully catered double decker bus.  

Bon voyage single life 

Set sail on a pre- ’I do’ booze cruise. Whether you take it during the day or into the night, somehow a party is significantly more enjoyable when you are on a yacht. To really channel the luxury, make the dress code all white. 

Big Spender £100+ pp

Live the life of the rich and famous

I spent close to an hour scrolling through the surreal homes listed on this Airbnb and Unique Home Stays trying to refine my wishlist to one. Think of this as a ‘hen-nymoon’. Rent a lavish property for the weekend and whisk your chosen few away to the countryside. 

The more friends you invite, the cheaper the cost will be to spend a weekend like an A list celebrity that’s about to get snapped by the paparazzi. 

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(image credit Unique Home Stays)

Pre-wed wellness

The stress of finding the perfect wedding dresses, tasting seven different cake flavours, and finalising seating plans can be taxing on the ol’ adrenals. In the lead up to the big day, a wholesome experience to revitalise the soul is as good as any stripper and falace headband. 

For a budget-friendly alternative that won’t take up as much time as a retreat, try finding a yoga/ brunch. 

Girls on tour

With Europe right at our doorstep, heading overseas isn’t a farout idea. Besides, some trips abroad even work out cheaper than a weekend in London. 

For those seeking a party vibe, think Ibiza or Ios in the Greek Islands. If you’d rather channel a ‘living my best life’ kind of vibe, coast down to the South of France or Canary Islands. If you’re wanting a sweet mix of culture, beach and party-party, I suggest Barcelona. Flights are generally under £50, and accommodation can work out remarkably cheaper if you travel in a larger group and rent an airbnb. 

If you don’t want to risk a reenactment of the Bridesmaids plane scene, here’s a list of 5 star getaways found right here in the UK.  

The easiest way to save for your hen-dos

On top of ordering mini quiches, cooling bottles of champagne and making sure Aunty Carol doesn’t get too loose, the last thing you won’t to worry about is moving money aside.

Download the Chip app for free, enter your details and create a hen-do goal with a target amount and end date. 

Every few days, Chip will move a bespoke amount aside automatically, so you don’t feel a thing. 

Pssst – Invite your fellow hens to use the app and they’ll get £10 to kick off their bachelorette fund, too!

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