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Gay Weddings Are Go!

3rd April 2014 |By | Be the first to comment

With the historic change in the law, the first gay marriages are taking place in the UK in a celebration of love and equality for all. Our latest surveys of same-sex brides and grooms have shown some interesting trends, from the outfits gay couples will be wearing to the colours and themes they are choosing. Find out more on this and on celebrity gay weddings to come.

Wooden Memory Note Box with Anniversary Stationery and Amore Silver Plated Wedding Certificate HolderAbove, Amore Silver Plated Wedding Certificate Holder | Wooden Memory Note Box with Anniversary Stationery

According to Confetti surveys we have found that gay men are planning to wear the same suits and waistcoats as their partners and many lesbians are both wearing the full wedding dress and veil while the men may be planning to spend more money on their wedding than women.

Celebrity same-sex marriages

Stephen Fry is narrating the first ever musical about same sex couples tying the knot in a Channel 4 special  called “Our Gay Wedding: The Musical.” Will Fry ever succumb to the lure of gay marriage?  Let’s wait and see.

Elton John and David Furnish, who have been in a civil partnership since 2005 are planning on getting married in May this year in a “quiet… joyous” ceremony. There could be some delay to that plan though due to loopholes not yet sorted by the government so watch out for future articles for more on this event.

Preston Bailey, US  wedding planner to the stars, was married in the Empire State building last year in a glamtastic extravaganza of ethereal gold trees and twinkling starlight backdrops with a pink dance floor to top off the event.

Same sex wedding specialists

Venues are now catering specifically for gay-friendly weddings, the Marriott chain of hotels has event planners specialising this area, Marriott are currently providing a £10,000 wedding reception for Confetti’s Win Your Wedding Competition.

We have a whole selection of amazing venues in our directory, from a stunning country house baronial manor setting at Combe House to  the Dunblane Hydro, a Hilton Hotel with celebrity chefs and a lush backdrop of rolling hills.

Bride & bride or groom & groom cake toppers

The icing on the wedding cake… Our confetti shop has a range of mix and match cake toppers pairing groom with groom and lesbian couples can choose from women in dress suits as well as the traditional bride in the ivory dress.

Colour is playing a very important part in the choice for same sex marriages  – with strong, bold hues such as royal Cadbury purples mixed with gold and bronze being an up coming trend.

While many couples will love the classic looks, others will embrace the alternative with Carnival and Mardi Gras themes proving popular with ostentatious displays of feathers and jewels. Whatever your style, we’ve got the look. Let’s celebrate love.

Mix and Match Cake ToppersAbove, clockwise from the top-left: Fashionable Bride and Groom Mix and Match Cake Toppers (top two images) | Groom in Kilt Cake Topper FigurineGroom in Traditional Morning Suit Cake Topper Figurine

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