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Aristocratic & Royal Names

4th June 2015 |By | 4 Comments

The nobility follows tradition when it comes to naming their children—often, similar names repeat each generation, and then each bearer of the name adds another rich layer of historical meaning. Here are some royal names rooted in aristocracies across Europe and beyond.

Names of Queen Victoria’s 9 children

Royal name Family nickname
Victoria Adelaide Mary Louisa Vicky
Albert Edward Bertie
Alice Maud Mary Alice
Alfred Ernest Albert Affie
Helena Augusta Victoria Lenchen
Louise Caroline Alberta Louise
Arthur William Patrick Albert Arthur
Leopold George Duncan Albert Leopold
Beatrice Mary Victoria Fedore Baby

Current English Royal Names

Title Full name
Queen Elizabeth II Elizabeth Alexandra Mary
Prince of Wales Charles Philip Arthur George
Princess Anne Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise
Prince Andrew Andrew Albert Christian Edward
Prince Edward Edward Antony Richard Louis
Prince William William Arthur Philip Louis
Prince Harry Henry Charles Albert David


Well-Known Royal Names

Regal Name Gender Royal family Meaning
Adela Girl England Noble and serene
Adelaide Girl Germany Noble and kind
Alexander Boy Russia A defender of men
Alexandrine Girl Germany Defender of mankind
Alexia Girl Greece A defender of mankind
Alfred boy England Wise counselor
Alice Girl England Noble
Anastasia Girl Russia She who will rise again
Andrei Boy Russia Manly
Andrew Boy England Manly, courageous
Anne Girl England Grace, favoured by God
Arabella Girl England A beautiful altar
Arthur Boy England Strong as a bear
Augusta Girl England Majestic or revered
Augustus Boy England Venerated, the exalted one
Basil Boy Russia Knightly, royal
Beatrice Girl England Bringer of gladness
Blanche Girl England Fair-haired
Boris Boy Russia Warrior
Carlos Boy Spanish A free person
Caroline Girl England A free person
Cecilia Girl Germany Blind one or the sixth
Charles Boy England Manly, free person
Charlotte Girl Germany Little woman
Christina Girl Spanish Follower of Christ
Edgar Boy England Great spear carrier
Edmund Boy England Protector
Edward Boy England Happy guardian
Eleanor Girl England Light of the sun
Elena Girl Spanish Light of the sun
Elizabeth Girl England Consecrated to God
Emma Girl England Healer of the universe
Ernest Boy England The serious one
Felipe Boy Spanish Fond of horses
Frederica Girl Germany A peaceful ruler
Geoffrey Boy England Divinely peaceful
George Boy England A tiller of the soil
Haakon Boy Norway Honoured son
Harald Boy Norway Army power
Harold Boy England Ruler of the army
Helena Girl England The light of the sun
Henry Boy England Estate ruler
Igor Boy Russia Bow warrior
Ivan Boy Russia God is gracious
James Boy England The supplanter
Jane Girl England God is gracious
John Boy England God is gracious
Juan Boy Spanish God is gracious
Kira Girl Russia The sun
Louisa Girl Germany Renowned in battle
Louise Girl England Renowned in battle
Margaret Girl England Pearl
Martha Girl Norway Lady
Matilda Girl England Mighty battle maiden
Mikhail Boy Russia Like the Lord
Natalia Girl Russia Born at Christmas
Nicholas Boy Russia Victory of the people
Nicolaos Boy Greece Victory of the people
Oleg Boy Russia Holy
Olga Girl Russia The holy one
Paul Boy Greece Small, humble
Richard Boy England Brave and strong
Robert Boy England Bright fame
Roger Boy England A famous spearman
Sofia Girl Spanish Wisdom
Sonja Girl Norway Wisdom
Stephen Boy England A crown or garland
Tatiana Girl Russia From a clan name
Theodore Boy Russia God’s gift
Victoria Girl England The victorious one
Vladimir Boy Russia Great ruler
Vladislav Boy Russia Glorious rule
Wilhelmina Girl Germany Protector
William Boy England Resolute protector
Xenia Girl Russia Welcome


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4 Replies to “Aristocratic & Royal Names”

  1. U.U

    For Denmark: Henrik, Matthias, Fredjørn, or Åsmund

    Reply· Feb 7, 2014 4:27pm
  2. Clintonbag

    oh wow, they should get an award for that!

    Reply· Jan 29, 2017 9:17am
  3. sharron

    My mother told me that in the past, the name Llewellyn was the surname of the royal family of Wales.

    Reply· Jun 14, 2017 9:07pm
  4. Jeanne Kiger

    It’s ashame that history facts are being changed…………. I studied in history that the Ratliffs’ name in England or Europe were the robbers
    and thieves……. On google ———can’t find a thing about that……….. Guess that is why those people came to America to make a name
    for themselves here.

    Radcliff is not the same name as Ratliff—————-

    Reply· Jul 27, 2017 1:40am

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