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Libra (23rd September – 22nd October)

14th March 2007 |By | Be the first to comment
Symbol: The scales
Ruler: Venus
Element: Air
Mode: Thought
Quality: Cardinal (initiating, willing to change)
Sign’s gender : Masculine
Qualities strongest at : Evening, dusk (7pm – 9pm)
Lucky day: Friday
Season: Autumn
Lucky number: 6
Lucky colours: Blue, pink, green, pastels
Lucky gems: Opal, lapus lazuli, sapphire, emerald
Metals ruled: Copper, bronze
Plants linked: Violet, rose, columbine, apple, plum
Body area ruled: Lower back, lumbar regions and kidneys
Chinese sign: Dog (companionship, loyalty)
Native American: Raven (capable, strong)
Keyword: ‘I balance’, the need to harmonise


Characteristic Libra traits:

Positive: Graceful, balanced, refined, diplomatic, urbane, sociable, romantic, charming, easygoing, idealistic, peace-loving, fair, artistic, kind

Negative: Indecisive, vacillating, gullible, changeable, flirtatious, self-indulgent

Famous Libra Men

name fame birthday
Michael Douglas Actor 25 September
Will Smith Actor 25 September
Lord Horatio Nelson British Admiral 29 September
Jimmy Carter US President 1 October
Richard Harris Actor 1 October
Mahatma Gandhi Indian leader 2 October
Sting Musician 3 October
Bob Geldof Musician 5 October
Desmond Tutu South African archbishop 7 October
John Lennon Musician 9 October
Guiseppe Verdi Italian opera composer 10 October
Luciano Pavarotti Opera singer 12 October

Famous Libra Women

name fame birthday
Catherine Zeta Jones Actor 25 September
Olivia Newton John Singer and actor 26 September
Serena Williams Tennis player 26 September
Brigitte Bardot Actor 28 September
Gwyneth Paltrow Actor 28 September
Julie Andrews Actor, singer 1 October
Susan Sarandon Actor 4 October
Kate Winslet Actor 5 October
Margaret Thatcher British Prime Minister 13 October
Sarah Ferguson Duchess of York 15 October
Rita Hayworth Actor 17 October
Martina Navratilova Tennis player 18 October
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