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Virgo (23 August – 22 September)

14th March 2007 |By | Be the first to comment
Symbol: The virgin
Ruler: Mercury
Element: Earth
Mode: Sensation
Quality: Mutable (adaptable, can change easily)
Sign’s gender : Feminine
Qualities strongest at : Early evening (5pm – 7pm)
Lucky day: Wednesday
Season:  Late summer
Lucky number:  5
Lucky colours: Navy blue, indigo, brown, yellow-green
Lucky gems:  Jade, agate, yellow zircon, beryl
Metals ruled: Mercury, aluminium
Plants linked: Iris, elderflower, hazel, myrtle, cedar
Body area vulnerable: Abdomen, pancreas, hands, intestines, nervous system
Chinese sign:  Rooster (reliable) 
Native American: Brown bear (service)
Keyword: ‘I analyse’, the need to evaluate information


Characteristic Virgo traits:

Positive: Reserved, practical, modest, analytical, intelligent, meticulous, conscientious, diligent, reliable, helpful, quest for improvement

Overcritical, fussy, perfectionist          

Famous Virgo Men

name fame birthday
Sean Connery Scottish actor 25 August
Richard Attenborough Film director 29 August
Michael Jackson Pop star 29 August
Richard Gere Actor 31 August
Jimmy Connors Tennis player 2 September
Keanu Reeves Actor 2 September
Freddy Mercury Rock singer 5 September
Peter Sellers Actor 8 September
Hugh Grant Actor 9 September
D.H.Lawrence British author 11 September
Jeremy Irons Actor 19 September
Stephen King Author 21 September

Famous Virgo Women

name fame birthday
Claudia Schiffer Model 25 August
Mother Teresa Missionary 27 August
Ingrid Bergman Actor 29 August
Cameron Diaz Actor 30 August
Beyonce Knowles Singer 4 September
Patsy Kline Singer 8 September
Kate Millett Author 14 September
Agatha Christie British writer 15 September
Lauren Bacall Actor 16 September
Greta Garbo Swedish actor 18 September
Twiggy Model 19 September
Sophia Loren Actor 20 September
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