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7 Things to do the Night Before the Wedding

8th September 2015 |By | Be the first to comment

7 Things to do the Night Before the Wedding

Eeeeek! One more sleep until your big day! Here are some top tips for things to do the night before the wedding day to help calm the nerves and leave you fully prepared both physically and mentally for the next morning.

Beauty Preparation

Wedding Pamper Night

To make sure your skin is looking perfect on your special day, it is important to look after your skin in the lead up to it. A beauty prep is definitely not one to forget the night before your wedding! Make sure your skin is well moisturised with a good face cream or if you are having a girly night in with family or friends, get some face masks in and cucumber to soothe the eyes. I am sure everyone will be grateful for that beautiful, glowing skin in the morning and it is a good distraction to keep you nice and relaxed. Under eye miracle cream is also very effective to keep those peepers looking fresh.

Don’t Drink Alcohol, Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking alcohol on the night before the wedding isn’t the best idea. It can leave you feeling groggy in the morning and you want to be feeling fresh for the events that lie ahead. For some people, alcohol can leave them feeling bloated which isn’t going to make you feel a million dollars in that gorgeous dress of yours and a stomach upset isn’t going to allow you to enjoy the day as much as you should!

Get an Early Night

Getting an early night will leave you waking up feeling revitalised for your wedding and in a better mood. You will also get the most out of your beauty prep from the night before as the less you sleep, the more moisture your skin loses.

Wash your Hair

Try not to leave washing your hair until the day of the wedding. Freshly washed hair doesn’t last as long and is harder to style than hair washed on the night before. Greasy hair also isn’t a good look, so make sure you time it right to have perfect luscious locks.

Emergency Kit

A small emergency kit is a must have to make sure any little mishaps can be rectified. As the bride, I am sure you want to keep looking glamourous all day and the last thing you want is your eyelashes hanging off or an upset stomach all day long to spoil your day. Some things we suggest:

  • Nail Polish – To touch up any unwanted chips
  • False Eyelashes – A spare pair is always useful in case of any eyelash disasters. Don’t forget the glue!
  • Deodorant – You are likely to need this to freshen up especially if you are running around like a headless chicken all day!
  • Hair Pins – Sometimes hair mishaps happen and these will come in handy throughout the day if a few little strands stray especially later on in the night when you are dancing the night away!
  • Pen – Just in case!
  • Tablets – Suffer from stomach aches or headaches? It is always a good idea to bring some paracetemol and Ibuprofen. If there is anything you suffer from regularly, it is best to be safe than sorry.

Eat a Healthy Meal

Choosing a healthy diet before a wedding day

Keep portions light and drink plenty of water the day before and the morning of your wedding. Be extra careful what you eat leading up to the day as eating the wrong foods can cause you to puff up and leave your dress feeling tight and uncomfortable around the waistline. Be aware of what foods make you bloat as everyone can be different and even foods which aren’t particularly unhealthy such as fruit can cause the dreaded bloat.

Watch a Film

You may be feeling a bit stressed the night before the wedding so winding down is a fabulous way to calm those wedding jitters. Grab your girlfriends, watch a film and have a pamper session in preparation for the big day.

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