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Ask Emma – Words From The Heart

2nd November 2010 |By | Be the first to comment

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Dear Emma,
My lovely daughter lives in New Zealand and is getting married in next year.  I live in France and am unable to attend the wedding. She has asked me to send a reading so that I may be with her in spirit. I am floundering as to what to say but want it to come from my heart.  Can you advise me please?

Dear Suzanne,
Thank you for your email and congratulations on your daughter’s forthcoming wedding. I would suggest that you send a piece of prose or poetry to be read aloud alongside some of your own words. I think it would be wonderful for her to hear how proud you are of her, how much you miss her and how you would dearly love to be with her on the day. You could mention one or two of her recent achievements and perhaps offer some motherly advice. If you and her father are still married then perhaps also a note on how you hope her marriage will be as long and happy as your own.
I love this piece of poetry as I think it says it all when it comes to your beloved daughter getting married:

You are the mirror of my past,
The future of my dreams,
The hope for what in life may last,
The jewel that time redeems. 
You are yourself, of course, no less,
But also you are mine,
The light of all my treasured days,
The gift for which I pine. 
Long may we this closeness share,
This place where memories play,
And if our friendship needs repair,
May love reveal the way. 
And now that you’re to be a wife
With loves and passions new,
May you find in your sweet life
The joy I have in you.

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I hope this helps and that your daughter has a wonderful wedding.
Best wishes,
Emma x

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