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Confetti’s Wedding Planning Tools

7th September 2014 |By | Be the first to comment

Plan your wedding with Confetti! We’re here to help you through every step of your wedding journey, and so you have at your disposal our completely free wedding planning tools from invaluable check-lists and budget management to a simple shoulder to cry on.

Confetti Planning Tools My Confetti |

My Confetti

When you sign up with us you get what’s basically your own docking station! Here you can not only manage and personalise your account but keep track of everything you do. Get inspired by visiting our listed wedding shows and fairs, have a chance at winning some great prizes, search our listed suppliers for everything you could possibly need, or grab a copy of our magazine and visit us in our shop for some absolutely gorgeous items and accessories!

Pearls and Lace Vintage Wedding |
Above, a selection of contemporary vintage wedding accessories from our shop. Clockwise from the left: Vintage Inspired Taper Candle Holder with Taper Candle and Glass Globe Votive Holder with Reflective Lace Pattern | Vintage Inspired Stationery/Photo Holder with Floral Detail with Decorative Pearl Garland and place card | Vintage Inspired Iron Taper Candle Holder with Antique Finish Wooden Sign

Wedding Planning Tools

One of Confetti’s most helpful features is our planning tools section. There you can order everything as you need to—you can even email your guests—all in one place.

Confetti Wedding Planning Tools |

Wedding To-Do List

Here you have a check-list for every step of the way that will ensure you have everything completed by your set deadline. All you have to do is list what you have to do and when you have to do it for along with any notes you might need to make. Then you’ll have a final list of what you’ve done, what you’re doing, and what you have yet to do that’s ready to be updated as you go along. Easy!

Confetti Planning Tools To Do List |
Above: Your to-do list starts blank with the option to “add a to do item”. 

Confetti Planning Tools To Do List |
Above: Choose the Due Date and Title for your item, and describe it if you wish in the Notes section. Then choose your Status—whether or not your item is done, being done, or you have yet to do it.

Confetti Planning Tools To Do List |
Above: Your to-do list begins to take shape as it fills up, and you can edit each item at any time.

Wedding Guest List

Keep track of everyone you’ve invited, or plan to invite, to your wedding events by adding their name and email address to this online tool. Then you can state which event they are invited to, whether it”s to your wedding ceremony, reception, or both (or even a different event altogether).

Confetti Planning Tools Guest List |
Above: You begin with a clean table that lists First Name, Surname, Email, and Invited To. At any time, you can use the “add events” option to include more events than “Ceremony” and “Reception”, and to begin your list you must select “add guest.” 

Confetti Planning Tools Guest List |
Above: In “add guest” you get a pop-up that asks you to fill in the first and last name of your guest along with their email address. Then you simply select which event they are invited to and hit “add”.

Confetti Planning Tools Guest List |
Above: When you have added your guest(s), they appear in the list with a red mark that correlates to which event they are invited to. You can edit this at any time, just in case your guest list changes.

Email Your Wedding Guests

Once you have your guest list, you also have your guests’ email addresses ready and waiting. With them you you can send a message to one or multiple people at once without the hassle of opening up your own email provider in a new tab.

Confetti Planning Tools Email Your Guests |

Wedding Table Planner

Use Confetti’s table planner tool, a neat little interactive planner, to organise all of your tables and all of your guest-list guests. For the wedding reception, for example:

Confetti Planning Tools Reception Table Planner |
Above: The guests you entered into your guest-list appear here automatically alongside which event they are invited to. You can add another event at any time (such as for the wedding breakfast, perhaps?), and when ready you simply select “plan seating”.

Confetti Planning Tools Reception Table Planner |
Above: A new page opens up, which acts as a blank canvas. Use the Add a Table option on the right to choose a table name, its shape, and how many people you wish to sit there. Then hit “go.”

Confetti Planning Tools Reception Table Planner |
Above: I chose a round table with seven seats and called it “Table One” (Yay for originality!). And you can click on it at any time to move it into your desired position.

Confetti Planning Tools Reception Table Planner |
Above: On the right you have a list of “Unseated Guests” which is basically a copy of your guest list. Click on and drag the person’s name to the seat you want them in, as shown here by my fictional Jason Carter and Emily Paige.

Confetti Planning Tools Reception Table Planner |
Above: Add as many tables as you need in whatever shape you need, including the top table, and voila! You have your table plan.

Wedding Budget Planner

This is a great way to keep track of your money and your wedding planning:

Confetti Planning Tools Budget Planner |
Above: Start by stating your maximum budget in the box under Estimated Budget (you could do this by item if you wish by using the other box.) Then hit “Go”

Confetti Planning Tools Budget Planner |
Above: A huge list appears, which is basically the average/estimated spend per item. You can edit each item and category as you go, adding or taking away, and logging how much you pay for each thing. That way, you can track how much you’re spending along the way. It’s a simple and easy way to ensure you stay within budget.

Let’s Talk Weddings…

The Confetti forums is a wonderful place to be, as hundreds of brides and brides-to-be come together to share advice and ideas. Confetti’s members are the driving force behind the forums and there will always be nice people there who will aid you with every stage of your wedding planning. If in doubt, just ask!

To make use of these great planning tools, all you have to do is register with us!

Pssst! We Even Offer a Name-Change Kit!

Custom-made for each bride, these kits take only ten minutes to complete online and will save hours of letter-writing and confusion. We provide the correct official forms that are ready and waiting for your signature.

See our wedding directory if you’re looking for a supplier, and see our article pages for even more wedding planning help.

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