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Husbands Who Take Their Wife’s Name

2nd April 2016 |By | Be the first to comment

When planning a wedding there are many things that couples have to decide on, while some of these are incredibly trivial and simple there are massive choices to make. Last names can cause rather large arguments and fall outs. To give you an insight into this, here are five opinions on husbands who take their wife’s name.

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The Start of Something New

Many men are completely open to the idea of taking their wife’s name, for a myriad of reasons. Here are the thoughts of three men who are absolutely fine with this idea.

The first man just thought that his wife’s last name was “pretty amazing” and he was the one who suggested it to his wife, purely because he thought it was a much cooler name. He goes on to say that people choose their nicknames so he chose his last name.

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The second bloke said that he doesn’t care what their last name is as long as they love each other. For him, marriage is two people coming together in love, not as one person dominating the other.

The third man polled was happy with either solution. “I really don’t give a sh*t what last name we use” a slightly less crude way to put it would be “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”, but I do understand what he meant.

Stick to the Status Quo

Of course, for every man in favour of taking his wife’s surname, there are those who are against it. Let’s hear from them:

One guy believes that he is the one who runs the house and is the bread winner so the household name should be his surname. He states that  he’s “Earned the right to have her take my name”.

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The second is an only child; he feels that it’s his duty to keep his family name going and not let the name die off, which is an understandable argument.

What’s your opinion? Sound off in the comments!

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