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Second Weddings: All You Need to Know About Getting Married Again

24th February 2017 |By | Be the first to comment

If you’re planning a second wedding (or third), you might want to change more than your partner. Here’s all you need to know about second weddings, from ceremony choices to whether to invite your exes, and how to make your second wedding the happiest day of your life.

Getting married again is a second chance to get your personal life back on the right track. Whether widowed or divorced, falling in love all over again and making a lasting commitment will hopefully seal your happiness for the future.

Wearing White Second Time Around

Planning a second wedding are likely to find you want to do everything differently. If you had a traditional church wedding the first time then you might prefer a smaller-scale more personal occasion this time. It’s completely up to you whether you wear a white wedding dress or go for something a little more informal and personal to you. It’s not your mother’s wedding this time, you really can do what you want!

Alternative bride and groom by Halo and Hobby |

Doing it their way, bride and groom by Halo and Hobby at Fabulous Wedding Photography

Invitations for Second Weddings

When you remarry, you are more likely host your own wedding rather than have your parents’ names on the invitations so RSVP cards will have your name and address on them. Your invitations can be cool and contemporary rather than following convention.

Ceremony Choices for a Second Marriage

Although most second weddings have civil ceremonies, it is possible to have a religious second wedding even if you were divorced, as long as your minister is willing to conduct the service. Many couples prefer to have a smaller-scale wedding and marry abroad while others choose to have a simple Humanist ceremony in the open air with the legal ceremony held beforehand at a local register office.

Ceremony at Stanbrook Abbey an ideal venue for second weddings |

Ceremony at Stanbrook Abbey

Children at Second Weddings

If you have children from your first marriage(s) then it can be lovely to get them involved in the wedding in some way.  Younger children otfen love being page boys, little bridemaids or flower girls but teenagers of recently divorced parents may not want to be so involved and shouldn’t be pushed unless they want to play a role in the wedding. If you are a couple with grown up children, you could ask them to do a reading or perhaps sing during the ceremony or even give you away in place of your father.

Having a Gift List

Most second marriages don’t have a gift list simply because you already have everything you need. If you’re remarrying a short time after your first wedding you might feel it’s not appropriate. Your friends and family will still want to give you something so do put together a short gift list or let people you ask know what you would like even if it’s simply a contribution to your honeymoon, a donation to charity or woodland conversation.

Ideal gift list for second weddings by Woodland Trust |

Alternative Gift List by Woodland Trust

Inviting the Ex

It’s controversial but some couples do invite their exes to their second weddings, particularly if the split was amicable and there are children from the first marriage. As long as your new partner and you are happy for them to be there, it can work but if there is any concern from either side it may be best not to ask them along.

Your second marriage is a new beginning in your life. You will have learned so much about yourself from your first marriage and come to several conclusions about what’s important to you and how to love and be loved. And, at the end of the day, love is all you need.

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