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A bride and groom’s top ten guide to choosing a wedding planner

27th November 2013 |By | Be the first to comment

Here at Confetti we’d always recommend the use of a good wedding planner. They take the hassle out of all the arrangements and as the wedding day approaches, the bride and groom need only talk to one person rather than a hundred. Unfortunately not all wedding planners are alike. Quality can vary and of course you want only the very best. Better Together Weddings based in Manchester, professionals in the wedding planning field, have come up with these top ten rules when choosing a wedding planner.

bride and groom planning wedding day

A wedding planner can help you every step of the way

Wedding planners can take the stress and worry out of organising a marriage ceremony. Depending on the contract, they could merely offer advice or run the event all the way to planning, organising and executing your dream wedding. Planners can help with all the major and minor expenditures: the wedding venue, theme, catering, hotel bookings, stationery, travel arrangements, honeymoons etc. A good wedding planner will respect the wishes and intentions of the about-to-be-wed couple rather than impose their own solutions. They will facilitate and realise the perfect wedding whilst suggesting ways in which things could be improved based on their professional expertise. They will also understand budgets and have a good relationship with local and international wedding suppliers

  1. Look at their website. Ask for a business card. Do they look professional? If they can’t organise a decent website it speaks volumes on their organisation skills.
  2. Ask for a free consultation. Talk through your perfect marriage. Do they share your vision? Do they have anything creative to add themselves that excites you?
  3. Arrange to meet with them. Are they on time? How are they dressed? Do they look organised? A good wedding planner has to be meticulous, on the ball, prompt and intelligent. They have to have a head for logistics, plans, schedules and budgets but they also need a modicum of creativity and flair.
  4. Look at their portfolio. Is it professionally presented? Does it show the planner has experience organising the kind of wedding you want to have?
  5. Make sure during the consultation you get a full breakdown of the usual price of the wedding planner service. Wedding packages and any add-on costs should be clear and transparent. There should be no hidden charges. Make sure there is a written agreement stating what you are paying for. Whether that is as a consultant, employed solely on the wedding day as an event manager or seeing the whole project through from start to finish.
  6. A wedding planner should be personable, friendly and interested in you as a couple. They should be eager to know exactly what kind of wedding you both want and how much you are willing to spend on it to realise it.
  7. Once you’ve established the kind of wedding you want to have, ask your wedding planner if they can achieve it with your budget. See if they are willing to think creatively to find solutions for financial problems.
  8. Ask for references and try and talk to their previous customers. Did their marriages go to plan? Were they on budget? Was the experience as stress free as possible? Did they feel their dream marriage was realised or were they bullied into using specific suppliers or having a particular style of wedding?
  9. Ask them when they will be available to you. Do they work 9-5 or can you call them at other times? A wedding planner has to deal with emergencies occasionally and the easier it is to contact them the better.
  10. Make sure all the details are in a written legal contract. There should be no grey areas about who is responsible for what. Ask the wedding planner to go through the contract with you if there is anything you don’t understand.

Better Together Weddings is Manchester and Cheshire’s leading specialist civil partnership and wedding planner. They plan unique and exquisite weddings, taking care of everything from the proposal right up to the honeymoon.

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