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Confessions of a Wedding Planner – Wedding Shame

12th July 2010 |By | Be the first to comment

How does it feel to be responsible for the most important day of a woman’s life? Tamryn Kirby was one of the UK’s leading wedding planners, and as such, has seen it all. Here she gives Confetti a glimpse at some of the most heart‐warming stories along with some invaluable hints and tips for brides to be.

Wedding CelebrationsConfessions of a Wedding Planner
  • ‘One of my guests got so drunk that she flashed her boobs at anyone who’d look, male or female, each time she went outside to have a cigarette.’
  • ‘My sister‐in‐law was caught on camera doing a very sexy and knicker‐revealing dance. It ended up on YouTube.’
  • ‘At my wedding, all the men, including the groom, fastened their ties around their heads and poured beer over each other.’
  • ‘A good friend, who only got married herself in April, ended up having a rendezvous in the bushes with another single friend – and I don’t think they were discussing shrubbery.’
  • ‘The buffet came out at 9 p.m., and I didn’t get a chance to have any of the Brie I’d chosen specially – it had literally disappeared. A straw poll of the guests revealed that no one had sampled it. I later discovered that one of my younger and drunker guests had been challenged to steal the cheese – and had managed to wedge it into his belt line and under his shirt. He danced with it there all night.’
  • ‘My teenage brother got so drunk at a family wedding that he had to be helped out of the venue by our parents. On the way, he announced he “wanted a piss” and promptly urinated all over my dad’s shoes.’
  • ‘A female friend – who is not gay – kept telling me how gorgeous I looked at my wedding. Eventually, at about 3 a.m., she told me she’d quite like to shag me, and that if my marriage didn’t work out I should definitely give her a call. Then she kissed me very gently on the lips and patted my bum. I thought it was a huge joke, but the following morning she sidled up and whispered, “I meant everything I said last night.” Then she winked and walked away.’

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