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13 Here we go again – Henrietta’s Wedding

15th September 2006 |By | Be the first to comment

Events of the last few weeks have been really topsy‐turvy. The last time I wrote my diary RT and I were getting ready to move to the US, I’d resigned from my job and we’d both got used to the fact that our wedding planning was going to be done long distance. Since then I’ve left my job, been into hospital having my wisdom teeth out and, whilst in bed at home recovering, I watched the events in Washington and New York develop in front of me on the TV screen. Of course my immediate thoughts were of RT (who was in Italy that day) and our US friends and family. In the long run we found out that everybody we know directly at least was OK, but obviously it has really put things in perspective and for us like many people changed the way we view things.

Whilst the effect on our life can never compare to those directly involved, it has meant that once again we’ve changed our plans and won’t be moving out to the US immeadiately, at least after the wedding. Personally, we’re both very pleased to be staying, we’ve built up a really nice life for ourselves and were disappointed to be leaving if only for a short time. I’ve managed to pick up a freelance job so that side of things is sorted out. As this is such a special time for us, it’s going to be great to be close to everybody who is important to us and I’m sure that when the time is right we will still move out there.

On a much lighter note,we’ve had a few really good wedding planning sessions recently. I’ve been looking at dresses again with Mum which, whilst is really good fun, has left me more confused than ever. I’ve seen 3 which I’m finding it hard to choose between. As I only intend to get married once how do I choose just one? I’m sure that eventually it will become clear and until then I’ll just have to keep trying them all on ‐ shame! Even RT has been dragged into this one. The other evening I went through the dresses section on whilst he gave me his opinions. I managed to hold his attention until it was very clear what he liked and didn’t, and as we’re thinking along the same lines, this is no bad thing. We also looked for wedding cars and have sent off for a few details. Then we came across something great which we didn’t know existed ‐ you can arrange the hire of morning suits on line through confetti with Moss Bros! This is going to be perfect for us, all the Americans will be wearing them and I’ve been wondering how I was going to co‐ordinate this by finding out their sizes and what exactly they wanted. This way they can order the shape, size and colour that they want and nearer the time we can get them to the hotel for them to wear on the day, what could be easier?

We’ve also started making lists of music we want in the church and then afterwards before dinner and then for dancing. We’re going to have a string quartet (yet to be found) in the church and then the same band as we had at the engagement party for at the hotel. RT is far more musical than me so he tries to hum or sing the music he is thinking about which normally ends up with us rolling around on the floor giggling, so who knows what we’ll eventually end up with? We saw the photographer again the other evening, signed our contract and paid the deposit whilst talking through the number of photos we wanted, of whom and when. Right now we think we know what we want, but nearer the time we’ll be able to confirm everything with him. I think considering we’ve got 8 months left we’re fairly well organised with planning and so far despite all our chopping and changing there haven’t been any real hassles, if only I could choose a dress!

Whilst all our planning is going on, friends around us are one step ahead having already got married. A few weeks ago we had RT’s friend Dan get married in Ohio which was great and really interesting for me. Americans, in more ways than one, do weddings quite differently and in some ways much nicer that we do here so we can incorporate these things into our day.

This past weekend we were in North Yorkshire for the wedding of some other good friends of ours. The wedding itself was attended by just 32 of us which was lovely, extremely intimate, and as there were so few of us you really felt involved in every aspect. We felt really special having been invited. RT and I both agreed that whilst our wedding is going to be a bit bigger than this, if making our guests feel special and involved is the one thing we can emulate then we’ll be doing well. This weekend the same couple is having a party for 120 people in London which should be great fun and means that their wedding has been spread over a number of days ‐ that bit we’ll definitely be doing!!

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