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4 Three wise men – Henrietta’s Wedding

24th September 2006 |By | Be the first to comment

I am happy to say I am now feeling fairly human again after a horrendous bout of flu ‐ RT was great and was fetching and carrying to my every whim ‐ which in all honesty did not prolong my bed‐ridden status tempting though it was. The other bonus was that whilst I was ill the Confetti gift book arrived ‐ that kept me more than amused! I was like a kid in a sweet shop. Whoever invented the concept of actually choosing the gifts you’d like to receive yourself has got to be congratulated. We were fairly agreed on what we liked and what we didn’t. I suppose we are like many couples in that we already have a home together and therefore the basics, the lovely thing about this wedding list is that we can get the really special things that we’d like but aren’t necessarily a priority.

Since writing last, the major event in our wedding preparations is that RT has confirmed his decision on the best man. Well actually he’s having 3. We’d talked about this for a while, he’s got three friends who he wouldn’t want to or be able to choose between as each means something to him in a different way ‐ so we decided why compromise. This way we get the best of 3 worlds and RT gets all the love and support of those closest to him on our wedding day. The plan is that all 3 will make a speech (short) and share all other duties:

There is Dan who is RT’s best friend from School in Colorado ‐ by happy coincidence he lives 5 minutes down the road from us and probably knows RT as well as anyone. He will keep up the American influence on the day.

Then there is Scott whom RT met on his first day at work in the UK ‐ they’ve been great friends ever since. So good that Scott introduced RT to me! Scott is organising the stag weekend on his boat in Scotland (get the connection) and will turn up on the day in his kilt. He will keep up the Scottish influence on the day.

Finally there is Nick; he is the fiancé of my best friend from University Jo. He is the newest member of RT’s three wise men as they obviously met through me. I’m really pleased how close they’ve become ‐ so much so that Nick helped RT choose my ring and plan the surprise that was our engagement. He will keep up the English influence on the day.

Never one to do things by halves RT will also have a motley crew of ushers!

We’re going to Washington DC next weekend which is where RT’s Grannie, Aunt and Uncle live. I’ve never met them before and it’s unlikely that his Grannie will be able to make the trip for the wedding, so this will be her chance to hear our plans, feel involved and of course see the ring. The rest of RT’s family are making the trip from various corners of the States as well, we’ve haven’t seen them since we got engaged so it’ll be another weekend of celebrating which will be great fun. I thought that maybe the excitement of our engagement would have died down but it just hasn’t, every day there is something new to think about. A friend of mine who has just got engaged summed it up really well. She said that whilst you know that this is the person you want to marry, suddenly it’s all confirmed and you really know that you have a future together and can plan for 5, 10, 50 years of a life you will share.

Aren’t we all sloppy?

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