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Katie and Ian’s Superhero Themed Real Wedding

13th July 2015 |By | Be the first to comment

We have a first for, a superhero themed real wedding and we love it! What makes Katie and Ian’s wedding truly special is how they manged to incorporate two completely different personalities and styles and bring them effortlessly. If you’re thinking about having a theme that isn’t the norm, this weeks real wedding is how you do it.

Katie and Ian's real wedding |

The Proposal

Christmas has always been a very big event in my family, and literally my favourite time of the year.  We had recently lost my mum, and Ian really wanted to make this Christmas the most special ever.  We had dinner at ours on Christmas day, and Ian had organised a fireworks display  down at Glasgow green, so after dinner he marched us all down there to watch him set off fireworks.  On Boxing Day, we always have a second Christmas celebration at my aunt’s house, and Ian chose that day so he could propose on Boxing Day in front of my sister, aunt, uncle and cousins.  He made a lovely speech about how being with me has made him love a time of year he previously hated, and how touched he was by how my family have welcomed him over the years.

The Dress

My dress was an ongoing work in progress with Designer Maggie McAlister.  I always knew I would love a shorter dress as I am only 5”1.  Maggie helped me design the most perfect dress, it was fun, sparkly, unusual, and I loved every second of wearing it.  She also designed and made my bridesmaid dresses.

50's inspired short wedding dress | Pink and gold bridal shoes | Katie and Ian's real wedding |

Superheor themed wedding | Superhero button holes | Katie and Ian's real wedding |

Wedding Ceremony

As soon as we got engaged I knew I wanted Christine Lyons to conduct the ceremony.  We found her when looking for a humanist the year before for my mums funeral, and she had just created her own ‘religion’ called the church of Tender Loving Care (TLC), she was kind, funny, and fantastic at personalising the ceremony, and felt a fantastic connection to her straight away.  She helped us tailor the ceremony to us, so it was not traditional, had bits of our personality, and made us both feel fully at ease throughout.


I chose my big sister, who I also walked me up the aisle.  We have always been very close and she is most definitely my best friend, and I also chose my friend Claudia.  I had 2 of my little cousins, and 1 of my friend’s daughters as my flower girls.

Multi-coloured wedding bouquet | Katie and Ian's real wedding |

Wedding Theme

Our theme was originally just to be laid back, and fun. Ian likes plain colours, and wanted a simple wedding, I love multicolours, so we couldn’t agree at first, but settled on purple as a colour theme, and dragonflies to be a prominent design as my late mother had loved them. As time went on I kept sneaking more colours into the mix and when he saw how it was coming together he loved it all! Thankfully. I was going for summer time fun, but Ian is also obsessed with vintage comics, especially Superman, so I knew I had to bring that into the mix, it took me a long time to look at the best ways of linking comics, without being too cheesy, or having a primary colour theme to the whole wedding, it was very hard! But I think what I did really worked and I love the end result.

Our Favourite Part

Ian says his best part was me walking down the aisle. For me, my favourite part was the end of the night when only close friends and family were left, and I could finally sit down with everyone, enjoyed some cupcakes and bubbles, and me and Ian just relaxed, taking it all in.  We hadn’t spent much time together throughout the full day so it was nice to have that time at the end with our closest friends and family and hear all their fun stories from the day. I think that what made it so unique is it was unique to us. We took both of our personalities and joined them together to create a fantastic, unique, and incredibly fun day, theme, and really special memories. Having our friends and family help us with all our little touches, finding the venue, outfits, food etc… meant that it

Superhero themed wedding decor | Superhero themed cake toppers and pastel coloured cupcakes | Katie and Ian's real wedding |

Bridal Advice

Enjoy doing your own projects, I loved every second.  And while it was time consuming, you can’t get more personal than doing bits yourself.  Every single guest commented at how impressed with all my finishing touches and attention to detail, people really did notice and that gave me a great sense of pride. My only regret of the day was that my husband and I barely saw each other all day.  We did not set aside any alone time.



Bridal Dress: Maggie McAlister Dressmaker | Wedding Shoes: Christian Dior  | Grooms attire: Slanj grey tartan kilt | Bridesmaids Attire: Maggie McAlister Dressmaker | Groomsmen’s Attire: Slanj tartan kilt | Flowers and Bouquets: Memory Lane Flowers, Kirkintilloch | Photographer: Chantal la Chance Gibson | Wedding Cake and Catering: Taste Linda’s Cakes (TLC) | Reception Venue: No 10 hotel | Ceremony Venue: No 10 hotel | Celebrant: Christine Lyons celebrant for Tender Loving Care church

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Sahdia Qayyum has over six years experience in the wedding industry as a planner and designer; she has a clear vision of what brides are looking for.

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