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12 The luckiest girl in the world – Henrietta’s Wedding

16th September 2006 |By | Be the first to comment

It’s 9.15am whilst I write this and as mornings go, this hasn’t been the best. I got stuck on the M4 because of a crash and was late for work ‐ again! However, the morning has just got better, as I’ve just opened the most beautiful email from RT telling me how much he loves me and what our life together means to him. Somehow he always knows how to pick me up and say the right things at exactly the right time. Just now I feel the luckiest girl in the world and honoured to be spending the rest of my life with such a wonderful person.

Things are moving on at breakneck speed with our move to America ‐ which now well and truly looks like it is happening. Although I resigned on Friday (hurrah!) contract negotiations for RT are still going back and forward between us and the States which is proving really draining ‐ why is nothing straightforward? Our main priority is to make sure that we will be able to come back to the UK as quickly as possible and resume our life here. We both agree what we have in London is virtually perfect (a lottery win would always be nice but until then…) so we’re pushing hard to make sure that this happens with minimal hassle.

Before we go (probably at the beginning of October) we’ve got lots to do, both personally and for the wedding. We had a great weekend with Mum and Paul sorting things out for the whole wedding weekend. One of the things we discussed was having our “rehearsal dinner” at lunchtime on the Friday instead of waiting until the evening. We are worried that if we leave it to the evening and something has come up during the day, we’re not leaving ourselves any time to deal with it. This way the meal should be more relaxed. I think I’m sure that this is the best way, but as I’d always thought it was going to be dinner on the Friday, I’m having to change the way I look at the day. Also, it will be the first time the families’ meet and of course I want it to be perfect. The biggest problem is that we haven’t found anywhere yet to have the meal, we went for dinner at our original choice on Saturday night but none of us really liked it enough. We’re looking for somewhere relatively informal but still nice that can easily sit 25 people away from everybody else. We’ve a few ideas of where to try so hopefully we’ll get this sorted out and booked during September. We also now have a very clear idea of what we want to do on the Sunday before we leave for our honeymoon at about 5pm. I suppose the Sunday in many ways is an excuse for the party to continue but it also means that anybody who we can’t invite to the actual wedding we will still get to see. Right now our favourite idea is for a bbq in the garden which we’ll get caterers in to help with (the search for them is now on). We’ll probably be about 120 people assuming everybody from the Saturday stays until the Sunday so it should be really good fun and a nice way to remember the day after our wedding.

I’m in the fortunate position that two of my best friends are also getting married next summer, one in May and other in August. This means that we can share ideas and experiences together, which leads to lots of lengthy conversations and scarily large phone‐bills! Jo (getting married in May) found her wedding dress at the weekend which is really exciting. I’m sure she must feel that everything is getting closer now particularly as she will be able to picture what she looks like on the day. I know just with our planning this weekend the excitement that I now feel is different than the excitement I felt just a couple of weeks ago. Before I was excited about an event ‐ now I can picture details of the day, how things will look and, as RT would put it “how the day will flow” ‐ it makes it so real and seems so close now.

There is still so much to sort out, but I know we’re on the right track, I’m sure like every bride to be in my position I think that this is going to be the perfect day.

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