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14 Top tiaras and affordable accessories – Sam’s Wedding Diary

8th September 2006 |By | Be the first to comment

Last year I promised myself that I would upscale my fitness regime and ‘diet awareness’ exactly four months from the wedding.
Unfortunately last week I realised this date coincided with Easter! Despite telling the Easter bunny to stay away, several eggs ended up in my hands, or should I say tummy?

To make things worse, the wedding cake is being made by my mum and sister, who try out a different chocolate recipe almost every week. If they don’t decide on one soon, I’ll have to warn the dressmaker to be a little more generous around the waistline!

The wedding dress isn’t the only thing that will need a few alterations…the bridal budget seems to be shrinking whilst the overall cost continues to get bigger! I almost passed out in the dress shop when I discovered how much this tiara that had caught my eye cost. At £120 you’d have thought it was made of diamonds not diamontes!

Accessory search

Determined not to spend so much on something I’ll only wear once, I consulted the Confetti Accessory Search in Confetti Fashion, where I discovered some gorgeous tiaras well under the £100 mark and some, just as lovely for under £50! The Accessory Search also has a variety of veils and bridal shoes. And there’s something for everyone in there ‐ with some lovely, simple ivory shoes next to a couple of really flamboyant styles like these designer specials by Basia Zarzycka.

If you’re looking for other chic, but cheap, accessories it’s definitely worth surfing the web. My boss Caroline ‐ who heads up the online Shopping Channel at AOL (and takes her job very seriously, buying at least one new product a week) recently introduced me to a number of great sites, featuring lovely costume jewellery and pearl choker necklaces, ideal for brides!


If you’re looking for underwear, there are a whole host of companies who offer a speedy dispatch service and range of sizes (bras up to size double J!) and brands for all budgets.

Of course if you can afford to splash out, there’s nothing like designer names, but somehow I think my fiancé would be more depressed by the price than impressed by the product!

But before I buy underwear I think it’s time to explore all the latest fitness fads and diet regimes… but I’ll leave that until next month, as I’ve still got one Easter egg sitting on my desk…

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