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21 Sam’s wedding day tips

1st September 2006 |By | Be the first to comment

sam confetti 1. Write a schedule of the day outlining everything you need to do before you walk up the aisle, leaving yourself enough time to relax. If you’re rushing you’ll get flustered and won’t enjoy the day so much.

2. Ask some friends to put different film in their cameras so that you have a mixture of black and white and coloured photos and take some at home while you are getting ready.

3. Consider a home video if you can’t afford a professional one. I’ve got some great clips from a friend’s camcorder, which I can now edit.

4. Consider making a speech if you’re the bride. It doesn’t need to be long but can be immensely rewarding.

5. Resign yourself to the fact that some things (usually tiny things) may go wrong and be prepared to brush them aside.

6. Get a girlfriend to carry your make up in a bag for you and tell you if your mascara’s run or you need another coat of lipstick.

7. Have a practice run of make up and hair before the big day. Also make sure one person knows how to help you put on your dress and lace it up if necessary.

8. Wear white gloves when you put on your dress to prevent marks.

9. Eat a big breakfast!

10.Stop at various intervals during the day and look around you. Savour the moment – it will go quickly!

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