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5 Meeting the family – Henrietta’s Wedding

23rd September 2006 |By | Be the first to comment

We’ve just got back from Washington DC where we went to meet RT’s extended family ‐ there was his Grannie, Uncle, Aunt and Cousin who I’d not met before and his Dad, Step‐Mum, Brother, Sister‐in‐law and nephew ‐ quite a gathering.

We had a great time, everybody is really excited about the wedding ‐ though a little apprehensive about what to expect, I suppose it’ll be very different from an American wedding. The women of the family are already talking about what to wear ‐ should they wear hats ‐ can they wear black ‐ do they change for the evening. We had a general chat about things though I suspect the phone bill between now and the actual date will increase somewhat as important things like what to wear are decided. RT’s Grannie got down to the serious business of teaching me to make Pumpkin Pie and Potato Cake (as weird as it sounds ‐ sorry Grannie) so that I “make a proper Thornton wife” ‐ Our friends over here are now terrified they’ll be subjected to the taste tests!. Unfortunately she won’t be able to make the trip to the UK for our wedding, but we’ve promised to have a video taken for her so that she can see her grand‐son take his wedding vows.

While we were in the States we asked RT’s brother (Rich) and wife (Mona) if Cale (RT’s 2 year old nephew) would be a pageboy ‐ they were thrilled. Nearer the time we’ll have to get all his measurements in order to get his little outfit made and just hope that it still fits him when he arrives 3 days before the wedding.

We’ve also had our first financial shock with the wedding ‐ the marquee. I had emailed several companies advertising with Confetti to get their details, three of which have met with Mum and Paul and quoted for us. As is always the case the one they liked the best (which does sound gorgeous) is significantly more expensive than the others ‐ all of them however are more than I thought.

It’s a really difficult balance, on the one hand we want this to be the most amazing wedding ever, on the other what’s really important to us is the fact we’re marrying. However much money we spend it won’t affect the importance of this for us. I suppose every couple (and their parents) getting married goes through this.

I of course want it all ‐ the perfect day ‐ without bankrupting all involved!

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