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Top 10 Wedding Proposal Ideas

12th July 2015 |By | Be the first to comment

Huge congratulations, you’ve decided to put a ring on it, but now you’ve got to work out how! Well here at Confetti we love a good proposal and are here to help. We’ve come up with 10 wedding proposal ideas to ensure you come away inspired to create the perfect ‘marry me’ moment, for the love of your life!

1. For the Rom-Com Fanatic: A ‘Love Actually’ Style Proposal

If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll know which bit we mean! (Ironically not the actual proposal with Colin Firth, although it’s a great idea if your other half speaks a different language), but part when Mark arrives on the doorstep of Juliet’s home with the signs! Let’s admit it, we all welled up and wished someone would do something as romantic for us!

For Extra Brownie Points: Have the moment filmed by a friend so that you have your very own mini rom-com moment to watch over and over!

Top Marriage Proposals - For the Rom-Com Fanatic |

Image courtesy of Pinterest

2. For the Book Worm: Happily Ever After

Find a copy of their favourite romantic novel or love poems and cut out the pages in the shape of a heart to create a well for the ring. (At this point we’d like to stress that you should go out and buy the book – DO NOT cut up your other half’s copy!!) Tell them that you’ve found a special edition of the book for them. They’ll be over the moon to find that they are getting their very own ‘happily ever after’!

For Extra Brownie Points: If possible, contact the author of the book to see if you can get them to sign or write a message in it to make it that extra bit special.

Top Proposals - For the Book Worm |

Image courtesy of The Yes Girls

3. For the Homebody: Tea for two

Sometimes less is more and the biggest surprises come in the most mundane moments. If your other half loves nothing better than to curl up on the sofa with you, in their PJ’s with a cuppa, this could be a perfect moment for you to declare your love! Get yourself one of these adorable mugs which will reveal that special question when she finishes her tea.

For Extra brownie points: Find a pottery painting studio where you can paint your own special message to make it just that extra bit personal and special.

Top Marriage Proposals - For the Homebody |

Image courtesy of Etsy

4. For the Jet Setter: Christmas in New York

New York is a must see for all jet setters especially around the Christmas holidays. With its lights, the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, ice skating and (fingers crossed) snow, we think it makes one of the most magical and romantic cities to pop the question. We’re thinking Central Park in the snow with a Tiffany ring in true New York style!

For Extra Brownie Points: Propose with a temporary engagement ring and then take her for breakfast at Tiffany’s (see what we did there?!) so that she can choose her dream ring!

A Snowy Proposal |

Image courtesy of Pinterest

5. For the Exhibitionist: All singing, all dancing

If your other half loves to be the center of attention and doesn’t shy away from the spot light, organising a surprise flash mob in a public area is THE way to go! Plan for singers or dancers (or both!) to start their routine as you walk past, making sure she stops to watch. Choose ‘your song’ or an aptly named song such as Bruno Mars, Marry You and drop down on one knee!

For Extra Brownie Points: Have the moment captured on camera so that they can share it on social media – they are going to want the world to know!!

6. For the Animal Lover: Puppy Love

If you partner’s pet is the love of their life (after you of course!) then get them involved in the proposal. Tie the engagement ring around your pets collar or get them a collar tag inscribed with ‘will you marry me’ and let the pet into the bedroom in the morning for the best wake up call of your other half’s life! They won’t be able to say ‘no’ to those puppy dog eyes!

For Extra Brownie Points: Get them the puppy they’ve been begging you for!

Images courtesy of Pinterest

Images courtesy of Pinterest

7. For the Adventurer: A Mountain Top Moment

Take your other half on an adventure up a mountain with a fabulous view at sunset. With the adrenaline from the climb and the relief to reach the top, take a moment to relax, taking in the view and telling your other half how fabulous life is with them. Finish your speech by popping the question!

For Extra Brownie Points: Have champagne and a bubble bath with candles waiting at home so that you can both refresh after your adventure!

Top Marriage Proposals - For the Adventurer |

9. For the Creative: Made With Love

If your other half loves to get creative they are going to massively appreciate you going to the time and effort of making them something special. Create  a scrapbook filled with photos, tickets, drawings, letters and notes of your relationship so far. On the last page have a post-it-note with ‘reserved for our wedding photo’ written on it. When they reach this page, ask them to marry you!

For Extra Brownie Points: Have another scrapbook and call it ‘The Next Chapter’. Leave this empty so that you and you partner can fill it together once you are a married couple.

10. For the Foodie: A Table for Two

Book your spouse’s favourite table at their favourite restaurant. Create a personalised ‘specials’ menu with your special message on it for the waiter to give it to your other half, dropping down on one knee when they realise what is written.

For Extra Brownie Points: Organise for Champagne to be served as soon as they say yes!

11. For the Comic Book Fan: Drawn together

Have a customised comic book strip made (or do it yourself if you are creative enough) of you and your partner’s time together. Make it a happy ending with a marriage proposal!

For Extra Brownie Points: Get your story featured in a real comic book!


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