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11 Ways for Grooms to Help the Bride Plan the Wedding

5th April 2016 |By | 1 Comment

No matter how amazing the bride to be is, she will definitely have some gaps in her knowledge. One of the greatest things about having a partner is that there is someone who will always have your back and lend a hand, wedding planning is no exception. The wonderful fiancée will be tearing out her hair with stress and on the brink of tears, so here’s 11 ways for grooms to help the bride plan the wedding.

1. Create a Guest List

Help to build the guest list so that only people who will make the big day special are there. If you both sit down together and discuss this list, you might be able to avoid any awkward interactions on the day.

2. Plan the Budget

This job is probably the hardest way that you can help the woman you love, but it is very important. By watching the budget and making sure that you two don’t over spend on the wedding you can prevent a lot of stress afterwards. Don’t be afraid to tell her if things are getting too expensive.

3. Find the Venue

Whether you’re getting married in a castle, local church or at a golf club, you will want to hire the venue as soon as possible to make sure you get exactly what you want. So you should definitely head on out with your fiancée and make sure you both love the venue. To see some off the best venues in your area, go and have look at our venue directory.

4. Find Your Best man

Once you’ve decided who’s coming to your wedding, you have to decide who will be your best man. This is one of the few choices that is completely up to you, so make sure that you choose wisely, check out our tips on How to Propose to Your Groomsmen.

5. Follow up on RSVPs

Follow up on all those unanswered RSVPs; you spent so long writing out those invitations and sending them to your friends, so make sure you chase up all those late replies. This small job will put the love of you life’s mind to rest and let you guys chill out a little.

6. Shop for the Day

Now that you know how many people are coming to the wedding you can finally start shopping and getting everything that you’ll need for the wedding. There is so much that you need for the wedding day, but with the help of the Confetti Wedding Planner you can make sure you remember everything. Grab yours here!

7. Find a Caterer

This is probably the best part of wedding planning; you and your wife to be can start running around trying food and drink for the wedding. There is lots of delicious food for you two to try and you may even get some free sample! Make sure you wear some baggy trousers.

8. Plan the Clean Up

Organise the pack up of the reception venue, ask your friends to clean up the venue, save your cake topper and make sure that nothing is left abandoned. You don’t want your new wife to be worrying about the flowers on your wedding night!

9. Write Your Speech

Write and practise your vows and speech, this is 100% your job and should be handled by you. If you’re struggling to put your feelings into words, however, then check out Great Speech Writing and they’ll ensure your speech is perfect for you.

10. Shape Up

Make sure that you look your absolute best; she may love what’s inside, but looking amazing on the outside is just as important. For a full guide on male grooming, then go and read Grooming the Groom for His Big Day.

11. Finally…

Remember that you love your bride to be and planning the details of your wedding is not worth the two of you getting into an argument. It’s fine for you to disagree on things and have a squabble, but don’t let this make you feel anything other than love and admiration towards your fiancée.

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