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Bridesmaids & Chief Bridesmaid

Your bridesmaids and your chief bridesmaid will be there to assist you in whatever you need in the run up to your wedding. They aren’t there to be taken advantage of, though! Delegate tasks that you need help fulfilling to them and get their help with making your own wedding favours, the seating chart or arranging accommodation and transport for your guests. Perhaps most importantly, relax and enjoy being doted on and allow them to plan a hen night that’s a reflection of who you are whilst they give you a proper send off into married life!

7 Cost Saving Tips For Bridesmaids

As big an honour as it is to be asked to be a bridesmaid for your close friend or sibling, some people balk at the thought of how expensive such a role can be. Taking into account the hen party,…
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Bridesmaids & Chief Bridesmaid

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