The 2015 Sex Report

Welcome to the 2015 Sex Report!

The 2015 Sex Report conducted by leading wedding website, is a unique look into the psyche of today’s brides and grooms. It reveals valuable insights on our attitudes toward sex as well as patterns and behaviours from the moment we lose our virginity until we say ‘I do!’

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Sex Report Summary

  • Women are 3 times more likely to be a virgin at the age of 25
  • 13% of couples who lost their virginity to their partners when they were 16-18, go on to marry another
  • 1/10 lose virginity to our spouse before marriage
  • 95% have never been unfaithful to our spouse
  • Nearly 30% of us report an unadventurous sex life before marriage
  • 13% of us are willing to have an orgy with our spouse
  • 85% are satisfied with our sex lives bu 55% want sex two more times a week while 27% want sex every day
  • 95% will have sex on wedding night (42% who don’t are too drunk!)
  • 94% of brides buy special lingerie for wedding night
  • Who buys sex toys? Only 17%

Source: Facts & figures in this sex report are based on responses from 750 individuals. The report covers everything from the age we lose our virginity to how often we would like to have sex.