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Personalised Favour Box Wrappers

Personalised Favour Box Wrappers

ideas & inspiration
Aqueous Matchbox Favour Wrap
Aqueous Matchbox Favour Wrap
£0.58 £0.52 sale 7 colours
Aqueous Favor Box Wrap with Fold
Aqueous Favour Box Wrap with Fold
£0.38 £0.28 sale 7 colours
Contemporary Hearts Cube Favor Box Wrap
Contemporary Hearts Cube Favour Box Wrap
£0.58 £0.52 sale 17 colours
Hearts Cube Favor Box Wrap
Hearts Cube Favour Box Wrap
£0.58 £0.52 sale 5 colours
Floral Orchestra Cube Favor Box Wrap
Floral Orchestra Cube Favour Box Wrap
£0.58 £0.52 sale 15 colours
Zinnia Bloom Favor Box Wrap
Zinnia Bloom Favour Box Wrap
£0.58 £0.52 sale 8 colours
Love Bird Cube Favor Box Wrap
Love Bird Cube Favour Box Wrap
£0.58 £0.52 sale 4 colours
Expressions Favor Box Wrap
Expressions Favour Box Wrap
£0.58 £0.52 sale 8 colours
Lavish Monogram Cube Favor Box Wrap
Lavish Monogram Cube Favour Box Wrap
£0.58 £0.52 sale 7 colours
Winter Finery Cube Favor Box Wrap
Winter Finery Cube Favour Box Wrap
£0.58 £0.52 sale 9 colours
Autumn Leaf Cube Favor Box Wrap
Autumn Leaf Cube Favour Box Wrap
£0.58 £0.52 sale 12 colours
Romantic Butterfly Cube Favor Box Wrap
Romantic Butterfly Cube Favour Box Wrap
£0.58 £0.52 sale 9 colours
Love Bird Damask Cube Favor Box Wrap
Love Bird Damask Cube Favour Box Wrap
£0.58 £0.52 sale 18 colours
French Whimsy Cube Favor Box Wrap
French Whimsy Cube Favour Box Wrap
£0.58 £0.52 sale 10 colours
Ikat Favor Box Wrap
Ikat Favour Box Wrap
£0.58 £0.52 sale 3 colours
Garden Party Favor Wrap
Garden Party Favour Wrap
£0.58 £0.52 sale
Rococo Monogram Cube Favor Box Wrap
Rococo Monogram Cube Favour Box Wrap
£0.58 £0.52 sale 13 colours
Vintage Lace Favor Box Wrap
Vintage Lace Favour Box Wrap
£0.58 £0.52 sale 7 colours
Dandelion Wishes Favor Box Wrap
Dandelion Wishes Favour Box Wrap
£0.58 £0.52 sale 11 colours
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Paper Favour Wraps

Wedding Favour Box Wrappers - Personalised Favour Boxes

With our delightful favour box wrappers, you can transform an ordinary, every-day box into a stunningly detailed favour box that is sure to capture the delight and the fancy of your family and friends.See how easy it can be to customize these fabulous favour box wrappers. Add your name, your wedding or party date, a fun saying or quote - and voila! Our customized favour box wrappers are a perfect touch every time - we guarantee that they will be a charming addition your wedding favours and boxes filled with candy, treats and more.Use your imagination - wrap cube-shaped boxes, matchboxes or our salt and pepper shakers with the help of these custom-designed wrappers and create a magical, customized tabletop setting that will impress your guests.Choose from dozens and dozens of colours, designs and styles. Match these personalised favour boxes with your wedding's colours, theme or the season. Many designs are available in a multitude of colours - choose your favourite! These personalised favour box wrapper decorations will easily suit every individual taste or personal preference.Do prefer classic romantic or vintage designs? We have dozens of options for you - such as the Floral Orchestra, Love Bird Damask, Garden Party, Dandelion Wishes or Hearts cube favour box wraps. For summer or spring time weddings, bring out the love of floral designs, buds and fresh greenery with our Zinnia Bloom, Love Bird or Romantic Butterfly favour box wraps. For a classically sophisticated and tried-and-true design, opt for our Lavish Monogram, Eclectic Pattern and Rococo Monogram cube favour boxes.Create and preview these customized labels online - choose your colour options, sayings, names, dates and more, and Confetti's customization tool will do the rest for you.Confetti makes shopping and personalising all of your items super easy and economical. Adding these details doesn't have to cost a fortune, either. Our great prices and great service will surprise and delight you - and will keep you coming back to shop with us over and over again!