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"A Romantic Dip" Dancing Bride and Groom Couple Figurine
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"A Romantic Dip" Dancing Bride And Groom Couple Figurine

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£50.00 £44.99 each
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You Should Know...

In order to create the unique poses and impressive details, each porcelain figurine begins as a series of separate elements. Much like a puzzle, the head, arms, flowers, etc. are carefully joined together by hand. Once assembled, the figurine is fired in a kiln. The extremely high temperature permanently fuses the pieces together and converts the clay into porcelain. Because of this, each figurine will be slightly unique. Small variations from the images shown are simply unavoidable.

You have chosen not to personalise this item,
no logo, designs or print will be applied
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Dark Brown - the original model (included)
Black - customization (+£8.25 fee)
Gold Blonde - customization (+£8.25 fee)
Light Brown - customization (+£8.25 fee)
Red - customization (+£8.25 fee)
Strawberry Blonde - customization (+£8.25 fee)
Silver Grey - customization (+£8.25 fee)
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Gold Blonde - the original model (included)
Black - customization (+£8.25 fee)
Dark Brown - customization (+£8.25 fee)
Light Brown - customization (+£8.25 fee)
Red - customization (+£8.25 fee)
Strawberry Blonde - customization (+£8.25 fee)
Silver Grey - customization (+£8.25 fee)
more info
White - the original model (included)
Black - customization (+£8.25 fee)
Blue - customization (+£8.25 fee)
Daiquiri Green - customization (+£8.25 fee)
Fuchsia - customization (+£8.25 fee)
Green - customization (+£8.25 fee)
Oasis Blue - customization (+£8.25 fee)
Peach - customization (+£8.25 fee)
Persian Plum - customization (+£8.25 fee)
Purple - customization (+£8.25 fee)
Red - customization (+£8.25 fee)
Sea Blue - customization (+£8.25 fee)
Yellow - customization (+£8.25 fee)
Please keep this in Mind
Hair Colour Personalisation: At the factory, hair colours are painted directly to unfinished porcelain bisque. Our artists must completely paint over top of the original hair colour in order to accommodate your personalisation request. As result, a personalised hair colour will not be an exact match when compared to hair colours that were applied during the initial production.
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ITEM # 9209

A Romantic Dip Dancing Couple Romantic Wedding Cake Topper

This Couple is wrapped in a romantic embrace of dance. The Bride's pretty pony tail, simple dress and rhinestone shoes give this Cake Topper a lovely modernized twist on a classic pose. Personalise the look by selecting a coloured shoe for the Bride. Hand painted porcelain.
Lead time 7 working days.
10.5 cm x 10. 5 cm H
Hand Painted Porcelain Cake Topper
Hair colour as shown in picture, custom hair colours available
These are general hair colours and may not be an exact match to hair colours hand-painted at the time of production or natural hair colours.
Gold Blonde
Strawberry Blonde
Light Brown
Dark Brown
Silver Grey
Daiquiri Green
Sea Blue
Oasis Blue
Persian Plum
PRODUCT Q&A (3 Q and A's)
Q: How much does this cake topper weigh?
A: 227 grams
Q: Is the grooms tuxedo available in any other colours?
A: At this time, the tuxedo is only available in black. It cannot be personalised.
Q: What is the colour of the groom and bride's hair?
A: Manufacture hair colour of the groom is golden blonde and the manufacture hair colour of the bride is black brown.

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Reviews (24) Overall Rating
I was looking for a topper that was personal but different from the oh so popular monogram or mr. and mrs. ones. This piece instantly made me think of my fiancé and I and it was perfect! I personalised the hair colours and they came out great. My only issue is I don’t think they should charge so much to personalise the colours. It should be a flat fee to personalise. Like $10 for both hair colours instead of $10 per. It was a bit smaller than I thought too, but that’s ok! We still love it!!!!...more
Pros: Attractive Design, Unique, Fun, High Quality
Cons: Too Small, Expensive
Personalised cake topper adds a unique and fun touch to the cake. The colours stand out and pop!
Pros: Attractive Design, High Quality, Fun, Unique
LOVE our personalised product!! And love that we can have our pets on the cake with us!!
Pros: Attractive Design, Durable, High Quality, Great Value, Fun, Unique
I love this cake topper! It is beautiful, fun and really elegant. It is exactly what the picture shows.
Pros: Attractive Design, Durable, High Quality, Fun, Unique
Cake topper is perfect! Made changes to shoes and grooms hair. The changes are exactly like they are in the other cake topper pictures. Changes were pink shoes and grooms hair changed to black brown.
Pros: Attractive Design, High Quality, Great Value, Fun, Unique
I was looking for a fun, unique topper that still portrayed the feeling of the wedding. Thank you for allowing the customization of the grooms’ hair.
Pros: Attractive Design, High Quality, Great Value, Fun
Pros: Durable
Cons: Expensive
This cake topper will be perfect for our wedding day. I wanted something personalised and my future husband wanted something a little more traditional. This was a perfect compromise. We didn't need to change the hair or shoe colour. Purchased it as is. ...more
Pros: Attractive Design
Pros: Attractive Design, High Quality, Great Value, Fun, Unique
Looks even better in person. Excited to use this cake topper as it fits us perfectly.
Pros: Attractive Design, Durable, High Quality, Great Value, Fun, Unique
Very cute and fun design. Good quality. Arrived fast.
Pros: Unique, Fun, Attractive Design
Cons: Expensive
The wedding topper arrived as ordered. It was well made and very attractive for the top of the cake.I highly recommend this Confetti when ordering items for your wedding. My future daughter-in-law loved it.
Pros: Attractive Design, Durable, High Quality, Great Value
Absolutely love it! I had the shoes painted purple and the guys hair painted brown and it looks flawless. Yes it is expensive but it was worth the price!
Pros: Attractive Design, High Quality, Unique, Fun
The cake topper is great. Perfect size and I love the non-shiny porcelain material it is made from. I customized it myself by painting the hair colour, the bride's shoes, the groom's bow-tie and the groom's suit. It was super easy, looks awesome and it was the only way to get a cake topper that looked like what we were going to be wearing....more
Pros: Great Value, Attractive Design
I love this. When I received it in the mail a few days ago, I opened it and I love it. I wish the change of colour for the hair and shoes wasn't so expensive because I could easily just paint it at home for free! I understand that there has to be some price but $10.00 just because hair colour wasn't a normal hair colour? The original male colour being a strawberry blonde-ish colour is just crazy. maybe do a free change between dark brown and golden blonde and then the other off colours (no offense) be charge a minimal amount. And its such a small area to paint too. not entirely worth it but i needed it closer than not at all close!. On the up notes I do love it though....more
Pros: Attractive Design
I ordered this for my daughter's wedding. She is a dance instructor and at first didn't want a cake topper besides flowers, but when she saw this, she loved it. The quality is exquisite, colours are true and the idea is a fabulous one.She will have a quality keepsake long after the wedding....more
Pros: Attractive Design, Durable, High Quality, Great Value, Fun, Unique
I ordered this cake topper for my wedding. I was very happy with the quality of this product. It is a little expensive but totally worth it, as this is a good well made product!
Pros: High Quality, Attractive Design
Cons: Expensive
Beautiful cake topper! love the design and the attention to the detail! comes just like in the pic, very pretty!!we personalised the groom's hair and came out perfect!
Pros: Attractive Design, Durable, High Quality
I absolutely Love this product. I purchased it as it came with no personalisation done to it with full intention of painting it myself. Which is exactly what I did. I painted the bouquet, and the bride's hair and shoes myself to match my colours and myself. the groom came perfectly except that the black paint was a little splotchy. over all I paid over $50 after the discount, shipping and tax. but I am very satisfied with my purchase and when I opened it, I couldn't believe how beautiful it really was. ...more
Pros: Attractive Design, Fun
Cons: Expensive
This is such a beautiful topper, it's exactly what me and my fiancee wanted for our wedding cake. Unique and romantic all at once! When personalisation was added, it made it more expensive, but well worth the money! :)
Pros: Attractive Design, High Quality, Unique
Cons: Expensive
This product is perfect, beautiful and well made! The price added up quickly with personalisation but once I received the product I think it is well worth it!
Pros: Attractive Design, Durable, High Quality
Pretty! I would have liked the hair colour (blonde) to be less yellow/brassy (just softer). Since the hair has to be painted anyway, I don't know why they charge so much for "customization." But, overall not bad! Will be fun to use in the future for anniversaries. ...more
Pros: Durable, Fun, Unique
I had read several reviews of this cake topper and was a little apprehensive about having it personalised with the colours I wanted. But, I took a chance because I fell in love with the design- something romantic and whimsical was much more my fiance's and my style than the more traditional looking cake toppers. I personalised the item by having the groom's hair painted dark brown and the bride's shoes painted blue. I was very satisfied with the way it turned out, but the resulting price was much higher than I feel it should have been for what was just a little bit of paint. Overall though, I am happy with the cake topper and can't wait to see it on top of my wedding cake in 2 months! ...more
Pros: Fun, Unique
I love the cake topper idea itself. It really is a "romantic dip". I just don't understand why you have to pay extra if you don't have the featured hair colour. People may pick something else because they don't want to pay extra. I selected blond for the bride, and I am very disappointed in the hair colour. Its comes out like a dirty-orangy blond. I read other posts and took a chance to paint it myself. I got Martha Stewart crafts satin paint for multi sufaces in "couscous". Will probably need two coats. This will give you a light blonde (toe-head blond). I think it looks more similar to my hair colour now as opposed to the original. Also, I was a little disappointed in the quality of painting. Some spots were missed in the cracks, the bride had paint on her forehead, and black paint from the tux on her nails. A little more caution when painting would create a much better product. Also be aware of the return policy!...more
Pros: Attractive Design, Durable, Great Value, Unique
Cons: Not What I Expected
FROM CONFETTI: "Thank you for expressing your concerns regarding the personalisation of the hair on your cake topper. To help address this issue you will see that we will be adding more descriptive labels to help better explain the original hair colours that are applied at the time of production. Although, we can alter the colour it should be understood that it cannot be matched exactly to the personal hair colour of each individual customer. There are simply too many variations. Our process is limited to hair colours within general descriptions. You will see however, that we will soon be offering two versions of a blond colour and two versions of a brown colour. We are hopeful this will be added to the website in near future."
see all 24 reviews
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