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Western Lasso Wedding Cake Topper Mix and Match
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Western Lasso Wedding Cake Topper Mix And Match

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Product #: Size Price
8450 12.5 cm Long, 7 cm Tall, Weight: 159 g, Base: 12.7 x 6.99 £32.98 £29.98 each
8540 7.5 cm Long, 12 cm Tall, Weight: 91 g £34.98 £29.98 each
#8450 - Western Lasso (Groom) Cake Topper - £29.98
#8540 - Western Lasso (Bride) Cake Topper - £29.98
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You Should Know...

In order to create the unique poses and impressive details, each porcelain figurine begins as a series of separate elements. Much like a puzzle, the head, arms, flowers, etc. are carefully joined together by hand. Once assembled, the figurine is fired in a kiln. The extremely high temperature permanently fuses the pieces together and converts the clay into porcelain. Because of this, each figurine will be slightly unique. Small variations from the images shown are simply unavoidable.

No personalisation for this item
Please keep this in Mind
Hair Colour Personalisation: At the factory, hair colours are painted directly to unfinished porcelain bisque. Our artists must completely paint over top of the original hair colour in order to accommodate your personalisation request. As result, a personalised hair colour will not be an exact match when compared to hair colours that were applied during the initial production.
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Western Lasso Wedding Cake Topper Mix And Match

This whimsical bride in her white cowboy boots and gloves, lassos her cowboy groom with a 'real' rope! The perfect cake topper for a western themed wedding! Hand painted porcelain.
Leaves our warehouse in 7 working days.
#8450: 12.5 cm Long, 7 cm Tall, Weight: 159 g, Base: 12.7 x 6.99
#8540: 7.5 cm Long, 12 cm Tall, Weight: 91 g
Bride and Groom Figurine sold separately.
Personalisation currently only available for bride at this time.
Hand Painted Porcelain Cake Topper
Hair colour as shown in picture, custom hair colours available
These are general hair colours and may not be an exact match to hair colours hand-painted at the time of production or natural hair colours.
Gold Blonde
Strawberry Blonde
Light Brown
Dark Brown
Silver Grey
PRODUCT Q&A (2 Q and A's)
Q: Can you make design changes to your cake topper?
A: Due to mold costs and quantities required, we are unable to modify the design of the cake topper.
Q: Can you personalise the skin tone?
A: No, sorry, we can only do hair colours. Some cake toppers do come in different skin tones.

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Reviews (7) Overall Rating
We couldn't have been more pleased with our purchase. We loved the cake topper and the guests all admired it. Thank you
Pros: Attractive Design, High Quality, Fun, Unique
This cake topper is absolutely adorable. Even my husband thought they were fun! We got many compliments on it as well. I also liked how I could customize the hair to match ours (though I don't think it should cost extra to do so). Overall we loved them though! ...more
Pros: Attractive Design, Durable, High Quality, Fun, Unique
This Bride Groom Cake Topper is so cute! It is exactly what is looks like in the pic!! REMEMBER: You do have to order the Bride and Groom SEPRATE!!! I read the reviews and thats how I knew!!! I Just love this Cake Topper I would recommend it to everyone!!!...more
Pros: Attractive Design, Durable, High Quality, Great Value, Fun, Unique
WHAT A HIT!!! our guests loved this, I dont think you could have represented our personality's better.
Pros: Fun, High Quality, Durable, Attractive Design, Unique
Cons: Expensive
It appears from the ad that the price is for the SET, IT ISN"T!! Thankfully I had enough time to order the other 1/2. Unnecessary stress.
Pros: Attractive Design, Durable, High Quality, Fun, Unique
Cons: Not What I Expected
This was a great buy though you can tell they painted over the hair colour that was already painted on instead of using an unpainted model besides that and the facials being a little weird this was a great purchase and my fiance loves it!...more
Pros: Attractive Design, Fun, Unique
Cons: Expensive
It's cute, but don't order it like me and not realize that it comes separately!! I ended up paying two delivery fees because I had to go back and order the groom!!!! Why would they set it up like this??

Cons: Not What I Expected
FROM CONFETTI: "Thank you for your review and we apologize for the confusion. These cake toppers are part of the Interchangeable Cake Topper sets which are designed to mix and match so that you can order any combination of toppers to create the pair that best suits you. The bride roping the groom is just a suggestion, but the options are endless."
see all 7 reviews
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