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Sample speech: A touch of humour

6th June 2006 |By | Be the first to comment

A wedding speech for you to adapt, if you want to say the right thing with a hint of levity

This is an important day for me. It’s certainly not the time for jokes but the time when I resuscitate my bank account and hand over Sarah’s spending habits to someone else.

The good thing about weddings is that, as father of the bride, you can show everyone how generous you are. I wanted to give you all an itemised bill so that you could see for yourselves how much these flowers cost, but Angela told me that it was not the done thing… as she slipped on her £150 hat!

Seriously, I have looked forward to this day for years. Sarah makes a stunning bride and John is a good man, and I wish them every happiness for the future. If they are any bit as happy as my wife and I, then they will be very happy indeed.

Marriage is an important commitment, so much so that you need a mortgage to pay for it! But it takes more than that. It needs patience and compromise, and I should know ‐ I’ve been patiently compromising for years!

Bob’s just looked at his watch, which is the signal that he needs a drink, so, ladies and gentlemen, please be upstanding. I give you… the bride and groom.

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