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The Groom Who Wore Pink

8th April 2016 |By | 1 Comment

Your clothes should be a visual representation of who you are inside, show your wedding guests the fun, carefree side that your partner fell in love with. Show them just how different and special your wedding is, be bold, dare to be the groom who wore pink!

Pink, It’s My New Obsession

Pink Tie and Handkerchief |

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Recently many suit suppliers have noticed the increase in blue wedding suits; I personally think that pink suit accessories are the best colour to go with the blue suit. Whether you’re wearing a tie, cravat or bowtie, pink will give a contrast to the navy wedding suit and really make the entire look pop! This is also a sure fire way to get all your friends talking, a change from the norm can spark a conversations and make you a style icon! Well, among your friends…

Pink, It’s Not Even a Question

The Groom Who Wore Pink |

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

You can even go the whole hog and go for an entirely pink suit. It’s your wedding day, so feel free to shirk tradition and flaunt your style and confidence to your friends with a fun, colourful suit! If you’re a reserved, introverted guy then a pink suit is probably not the choice for you. The pink suit is more than slightly unconventional, but if you can pull it off you will definitely gain a reputation with your partner’s friends and family as their cool and confident new husband.

Pink, Is the Love You Discover

Leonardo DiCaprio in a Pink Suit |

Leonardo DiCaprio Courtesy of Pinterest

Maybe the bright pink suit isn’t your style, in that case a pale pastel pink suit might be more your thing. These softer colours are perfect for a vintage themed wedding with a twist; it just screams 1920’s eccentricity! The pink suit that Leonardo DiCaprio wears in The Great Gatsby is a perfect example of this style of suit and who doesn’t want to look like Leonardo DiCaprio?

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Tyler Goodyer has left his life of camping in the cold rain for a life filled with Prosecco, weddings and glitter beards. In his free time Tyler can be found in the pit at a concert, drinking cocktails (mostly strawberry daiquiris) in Manchester or snuggled up in a blanket watching Stranger Things on Netflix for the 3rd time that week.

One Reply to “The Groom Who Wore Pink”

  1. Bernard

    Pink! What a fabulous idea chap! I’m going to look absolutely spiffing! Tally-ho!

    Reply· Apr 8, 2016 2:11pm

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