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Sherbet Groomswear

4th April 2015 |By | Be the first to comment

Spring and summer weddings are beautiful opportunities to add a dash of colour to your big day. While it’s often more common to see brides and bridesmaids splashing out on vibrant flowers and pretty pastel dresses, the groom and his groomsmen can get in with the theme too! Take a look at some inspiration for wonderful sherbet groomswear and create a look that’s full to bursting with colour!

Sherbet Groomswear |

Colourful suit alternatives for the groom!

Full-on Colour

For a wedding in the glorious sun, many couples choose a very bright colour scheme. This effect can sometimes be ruined if the groom and his groomsmen are fitted out with the traditional black or navy suits. Gone are the days where the only thing the groom could add his personality to was his tie and boutonnière. Nowadays, he can dress himself in bright reds and blues, or any colour he wants and still be the dashing prince he is. Colours add so much life to weddings.

Colourful Groomswear |

Mix and Match

Mismatched Colours and Patterns For The Groom |

Be even more creative with your colour scheme by mixing colours and patterns. This adds a wonderful texture to the groom’s outfit, and it can really enhance the personality. It adds so much character! The easiest option here is to carefully pick out the material for the shirt and tie.

The Best of Both Worlds

Many couples love the idea of a formal wedding…but they also love the idea of being a bit whimsical. For these couples, the decision on what wedding to have doesn’t have to be a hard one—just compromise. For the groom, the most common solution is to wear a quirky colourful or patterned shirt underneath a formal jacket or blazer. Then, when the blazer comes off, you’re left with a fantastic casual look that’s reminiscent of a rustic or boho wedding.

Casual Boho Groomswear |


For the couples who would like to lean more toward the traditional, formal wedding, you’re still left with ways to incorporate that colourful bohemian slant. Grooms, personalise your clothes with a colourful tie, pocket square, boutonnière, and braces; these add a great touch of colour to darker, more traditional wedding colours, like dark greys and blacks. They also look particularly good on a lighter grey or cream suit.

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