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Entertainment for Vintage Weddings

20th May 2016 |By | 1 Comment

Once the ceremony is over it’s time for the party to begin, but how are you going to keep your guests entertained keeping with your vintage theme? Here are 10 marvellous ideas for entertainment for vintage weddings!

1. Naughts and Crosses

Naughts and crosses entertainment for vintage weddings |

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Scale up this boredom buster and let your guests get really competitive. This game is really a case of a moment to learn, a life to master, meaning that all of your guests can enjoy it! I do recommend googling how to never lose at noughts and crosses before the day, so you have the upper hand.

2. Welly Wanging

Welly wanging for a vintage wedding |

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

A perfect mix of country rustic and vintage, welly wanging is probably the most ridiculous sport out there; it’s literally just throwing a boot as far as you can. I tried this before writing and it is actually really hard, or I’m just a terrible athlete, or maybe a mix of both…

3. Photo Booth

A vintage photo booth is an amazing way to let your guests have a memento from the wedding, you can even keep a digital copy of the images to fill up your photo album with daft pictures of your guests.

4. Hook-a-Duck

Hook a duck entertainment for a vintage wedding |

Image Courtesy of The Prop Factory

A great way to hand out your wedding favours, simply attach a hoop to the backs of some Bride or Groom Rubber Ducks and have your guests fish them out of some water. This is perfect for a wedding 0n a h0t day, the splashes of water will cool your guests down.

5. Hula Hoops

Hula hoop entertainment for vintage weddings |

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Hula hoops are a great vintage toy that you and your guests can use to try and beat a world record. 74 hours and 54 minutes is the longest time hula hooping, 160 is the most hula hoops twirled at once and 407 is the largest hula hoop workout. You and your guest can definitely beat those!

6. Live Music

Live music is always a hit at a wedding and a vintage wedding is no different. Choose some of your favourite vintage classics; add in some floor fillers and then you have a great set list. The vintage acoustic sound will make a fantastic vibe for the rest of the reception.

7. Sack Races

Sack race entertainment for vintage weddings |

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

There are very few chances to see your friends and family fall over and not feel guilty about laughing at them, so take advantage of this school sports day favourite and watch your guest tumble.

8. Croquet

Croquet gear for a vintage wedding |

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Croquet is a fantastic way to add some fun to a vintage garden party, but it is unfortunately illegal to use a flamingo as a mallet. If you want to keep your head on your shoulders it’s probably best not to invite The Queen of Hearts.

9. Ring Toss

Vintage bowling pin ring toss for a vintage wedding |

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

This funfair game is actually fun when it isn’t rigged! Simply add a couple of small prizes and you’ll keep the younger guests amused, make a drinking game and you’ll keep the adults entertained too.

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Tyler Goodyer has left his life of camping in the cold rain for a life filled with Prosecco, weddings and glitter beards. In his free time Tyler can be found in the pit at a concert, drinking cocktails (mostly strawberry daiquiris) in Manchester or snuggled up in a blanket watching Stranger Things on Netflix for the 3rd time that week.

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  1. The Prop Factory

    Hi Please can you update the hook a duck image as ‘Courtesy of The Prop Factory’ as it belongs to us. Happy to let you use it if you can credit ta.

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