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At Confetti we have been working very hard with our partners to bring you this wonderful new tool, a Father of the Bride, Groom and Best Man speech creator. If you are preparing a speech for yourself you can simply add the names of your wedding party and start selecting and swapping sections around before printing off your very own personalised wedding speech.

*** PLEASE NOTE *** If you have any questions while using this tool please contact Katie on 0203 651 7352.

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About Charge Your Glasses

A bunch of speech writers got together for a beer. We started to share some of our favourite jokes from recent speeches. And wished that rather than disappearing to our own desks and working in isolation on client speeches, we could spend some time working together.

After another drink or two, we decided we should do just that. So we started to gather our best ideas in one place.

The result was an almighty list of wedding jokes, toasts, links and lines for best men, grooms and fathers of the bride. At which stage we offered the project to a web developer to make it accessible to others.

The result is Charge Your Glasses. It’s not quite the same as having your own speech writer, but it’s much more affordable and a much quicker process! We hope that by enabling you to pick and choose names, and by putting your chosen passages straight onto a PDF, you’ll have speech that is as punchy, personal and original as possible.

We’ve also included a few other bits of fun (including a quiz for each member of the wedding party).

Happy Speech Writing!