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Bouquets to Suit Your Body Shape

27th April 2007 |By | Be the first to comment

Every bride is beautiful on her wedding day; and with the right dress and accessories you can make the most of your natural beauty and look positively stunning. Before deciding on the shape, style and colour of your bridal bouquet,  it’s worth finding out which styles of wedding dress will suit your body shape best. Here’s everything you ever needed to know about choosing the right bouquet for your body shape by Michaela Jedinak from Joy of Colour.

White rose wedding Bouquet

It’s all about balance

Follow the shape of your body line when choosing your wedding dress and bouquet. The goal is to create balance and harmony in your overall physical appearance. Therefore the bouquet you choose should highlight and balance your overall look: It shouldn’t be overpowering, out of context or proportion, or unmanageable.

The neat hour glass is considered the perfect body shape, because its proportions from shoulders to waist and hips to waist are perfectly balanced.

All other body shapes refer to the qualities of this ideal body shape in order to create the illusion of being balanced and correctly proportioned. The aim is to achieve this proportion in your wedding dress and choice of flower bouquet. Once you know which body shape you are you will know which wedding dress lines and shapes work best for you. It is as simple as that.

Wedding dress shapes

There are many styles to choose from, but that is not to say your choice will not be limited for your individual shape. Again, it is all about proportional dressing to accentuate your best features and downplay your not so good ones!

Choosing your bouquet

Your bouquet should be selected with the same principles that apply to choosing your wedding dress and veil (like colour and shape). It should follow your bodyline and be in proportion to your body shape and scale. Colour should coordinate with your personal white and reflect your wedding style.

Presentation/ Pageant

Neat Hourglass

You can carry off any style and shape of flower bouquet, but keep in mind that it has to be in your scale and complement the line and shape of your chosen wedding dress.

Full Hour glass

Your shape is as well proportioned as the neat hour glass, the only difference is your scale is bigger.
Avoid: Petite Flower bouquets

Triangle/ Or pear

You are fuller around your hips than shoulders.
Avoid: Triangle flower bouquets

Inverted Triangle

Your shoulders are more dominant than your hips.
Avoid: Petite flower or long and straight shapes

Lean Column

Your body shape and scale are petite and straight ‐ almost a boyish figure.
Avoid: Chunky shapes or long and straight lines


You don’t have much of a waist, but you have a straight line between hips and bust.
Avoid: Petite or long and straight lines

Round/ or apple

Your fullest point is around your tummy and waist.
Avoid: Petite or round shapes. Avoid wearing them at your fullest point

Bouquet top tips

  • Small round clusters of flowers are easy to carry, but they need to be in proportion to the dress and bride
  • Big gowns need the balance of bigger and denser bunches of blooms, but keep the overall shape and look in mind
  • Cascade (waterfall‐like spill of blooms) needs some height‐ not recommended for short brides
  • Pageant (a longer, hand‐tied bouquet with stems showing ‐ carried sideways‐draped over the forearm) is not the best option for brides with big arms or broader shoulders
  • Short dresses look best with smaller or petite bouquets or just single stems
  • Your flower bouquet needs to reflect the overall tone of your wedding, but if your dress is simple, don’t be afraid to go bold in colour or style
  • Keep in mind that your flower bouquet is grander than those carried by your bridesmaids. Theirs show showcase yours by complementing its colour, style and shape.

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